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  1. I realize that you're excited for SotS like many others, but please try to not spam the thread. It makes it difficult for others to be heard. If you need to post something and already have a post, edit that post and add the new stuff at the bottom until someone else has had their turn. Thank you.
  2. Oh my.~ I still have a Jenkins server, if you'd like to set up continuous integration or put up nightlies.
  3. If Max told you this, then Max was poorly informed. I made a stupid procedural mistake, and was let go because of it. I cannot say any more due to my NDA.
  4. Just to bring this topic back onto its rails, I beleive the problem being brought up by the anti-mechjeb users is that users using MechJeb still receive the same level of respect given to members who do not, and the question being posed is whether this is unjust.
  5. Plenty of people have been asking me how I include the Twitch chat on my stream, so I figured I might as well post the tutorial. X-Chat WDK is now called HexChat, btw. http://bwana.tv/forums/index.php?threads/how-to-overlay-chat-on-your-live-stream.42103/ To connect to twitch chat with HexChat, create a new network named whatever you want. Server: channelname.jtvirc.com/6667 Nickname: YourTwitchUsername Server Password: YourTwitchPassword Channel: #channelname For best appearance, use a 20pt font with a white foreground, black background, and hide joins/parts (Twitch likes to spam that stuff).
  6. One of the most frequently-requested API-related features I have been asked about is the ability to use System.IO and System.Xml again. Prior to 0.21, these namespaces were blocked from loading and any attempts to access them would result in a security exception. KSP.IO was provided to give modders much of the same functionality, but in a sandboxed form. For 0.21, these namespaces are no longer blocked and can be used again. However, we still ask that you continue to only access files within your sandbox. This will not be enforced, but it will make things much easier when we move to the new mod management system. Enjoy.
  7. Agreed. If you look at the exhaust when it tips over, the engines are gimballing around in an exaggerated manner, in the direction of the tip. Hell, it even starts to spin about the vertical axis. I suspect someone screwed up the PID controller and it was overcompensating for wobble.
  8. Russians don't use a range safety device: They merely shut off the engines. In this case, policy dictates that they cannot do so for 42 seconds, in order to ensure that the crash is away from the launchpad.
  9. People have tried this, with mixed results. On the one hand, you're way the heck up there and have a head start. On the other: 100mph+ winds and the balloon itself make it difficult to keep the rocket pointed up. There's also the issue of if the rarefied air will allow the rocket motor to ignite. Balloons can't carry much weight, so liquid rockets are out of the question. Oh, and control: Radio tends to be a PITA at those altitudes.
  10. Baykonur City residents advised to shelter-in-place as a precaution. http://life24.kz/incident/2999.html
  11. Russia Today is reporting a "nuclear fuel" leak. http://rt.com/news/proton-m-rocket-takeoff-crash-514/ Probably a typo, but if not, this may end up going to hell in a handbasket really quickly.
  12. According to another forum, this says no casualties, but the rocket landed somewhere near area 200, which is the ILS launchpad: http://www.astronomy.ru/forum/index.php/topic,18118.msg2476731.html#msg2476731