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  1. Hello. I will update my mod ASAP to latest KSP version. Thanks a lot for your feedbacks. Right now I don't have Windows PC and cannot setup debugger on my MAC. I will assembly Windows PC after few days and continue to update the mod.
  2. Thank you for a feedback. I'll try to check and fix the issue.
  3. No. This file obsolete and ignored. You need to add folder to Sounds folder with next structure: YourSoundPack->Timer (with countdown sounds) + Events (with standard events, like LiftOff etc.). I plane to add configuration file for more UX.
  4. I've updated mod to KSP 1.1.3 But I cannot test fully functionality for this KSP version. Somebody may help me to test the mod?
  5. Yes, I know. But it needs to make a lots of changes for make mod comparability. I will fix it ASAP.
  6. Hello. I've updated the mod for KSP 1.0.5 comparability. Also, mod has been refactored. Enjoy!
  7. Hello! I was very busy in my job and could not update my mod. I will update the mod ASAP.
  8. Hello! As I understand you used this model as source? If it's true, could you, please, define author in the header of thread? Sorry, if I mistake.
  9. No. It used starwaster code as example (you can compare code). Main difference is order for animation. Starwaster mod just provides possibility custom animation playing for part. But animation playing and decouple runs at the same time. This mod waits while animation playing and decouple after finish it for more realistic. Also, we replace all standard events and actions for module decoupler.
  10. I use last Mono installer from Mono site and use pdb2mdb.bat from Mono folder. It wrks for me with Visual Studio 2015 Ent.
  11. Try to install last release of Mono and call "%MONO_PATH%\bin\pdb2mdb.bat" with path to dll as first parameter. It has been resolved this issue for me. Enjoy! ))
  12. FastReflect - library as helper for reflection using (needed for KspHelper) Ksphelper - my helper dll. Contains simple methods for creating diallog windows, replace standard events etc. PluginFramework - old dependence (will remove in a next release). Needs for current version. - - - Updated - - - Hello! If you can help me with realism, then send me your proposals (things) and I will integrate this into a new version. Thank you for interests! - - - Updated - - - I think about 10-15 Mb (because we use graphics resources, as images)
  13. Hello! I have updated my mod to a new version. I've removed support old toolbar plugin and add a new button to new launch toolbar. - - - Updated - - - Could you send me your save file, output log file and steps to reproduce, please?
  14. Mod has updated to a new KSP version 1.0.2. Also, added new sound sets. Enjoy!
  15. Good work! Thank's! Can I include your sound pack into default mod packs?
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