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  1. In Blizzy only. An update the other day seems to have fixed it. All Blizzy icons are good now.
  2. Well, they Hype's impressive. Will we have to wait till 2.1.5 before it's any good? I hope not.
  3. Thank you. You're a genius. I've spent days wondering how I'm going to find this stuff.
  4. No, not touched it. But I did figure out that it was a mod that was causing it. Doh! Should have thought of that first. Turned out to be Kerbal Joint Reinforcement, which makes sense. Thanks for your suggestion anyway.
  5. I seem to have a problem with hinges. If I add any weight at all to a G-11 Hinge, or a G-12L Alligator Hinge, they stop moving. Mass-less parts like Cubic Octagonal Struts or a Communotron 16 work OK, but if a I swap it with a 16-S (0.015t) the hinges won't move. Any ideas? Never mind. I removed all my mods and it seems to work better. Now to figure out which one it is...
  6. Wrong? I thought I was wrong once, but it turned out I was mistaken. That's a bummer. In that case I hope Squad is onto it and 1.4.3 comes out soon.
  7. Well today, after fulfilling the pre-1.4.2 contracts yesterday, I have had no spamming of contracts. Seems the problem is only related to 1.4.1 contracts in 1.4.2.
  8. It looks to me, like the notifications are only for contracts that were taken before 1.4.2. As I complete them, they no longer bombard me, and new ones don't seem to be a problem. I have only one now, build a space station around Duna. Hopefully, once it's built the bombarding will stop.
  9. Yeah, I'm getting this too. Many mods installed. Started when I upgraded from 1.4.1 to 1.4.2.
  10. Thanks WuphonsReach. I'll give that a try.
  11. Thanks for responding, Norcalplanner. It has been happening consistently for months, with heaps of F5s and F9s. But... if it's just one of those things... I can (and have been) live with that. Cheers.
  12. Hi, Sorry if this has been asked (I can't see any evidence of that, but who knows). Does anyone know why this is happening to tanks from this mod? See the ends of the tanks are visible past the ends of the tanks? Sometimes they are off to the sides? It has happened since 1.3 came out. I thought 1.3.1 might fix it, but no. Cheers.