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  1. Hello everyone. Just a quick message to say thank you. FAR has become an absolute necessity for me, and I stopped playing KSP waiting for a workable beta for the current version of KSP. I'm currently using the dev build, which seems to work flawlessly (I've encountered a single bug that I was not able to reproduce, where the concept of "drag" simply ceased to exist until I went back to the menu and loaded my save again). I know the dev build is supposed to be used only for testing purposes, but I couldn't play without FAR ! :-) So a BIG thank you to ferram and all the others involved in the development.
  2. Ah, OK, I didn't know that. Here they are, on tinyupload. I hope this one works !
  3. Hello, I've just installed KSP 1.1, good job squad! The performance with heavily modded installs is much better than 1.0.5. Still, my game crashes REALLY frequently, making it a frustrating experiance. Here are the logs: mediafire link (zip) Thank you for your help!
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