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  1. You would be willing to give up a deep suite of mods that adds endless gameplay opportunities for a silly cosmetic mod because the former changes names of the kerbals? I'm sorry but-
  2. Yeah well- If you're NOT on the team, they better be compensating you. Because as soon as I read about the planetary colony system, I knew right away that it is what you intended the MKS system to be.
  3. That seemed a little rude.. I didn't ask for nor had any expectations for a fix.
  4. Ah! That was the problem. But the graphic problems are still visible. EDIT. Its related to the Astronomer's Visual pack I was using.
  6. I tried the original 1.3.1 version and it worked with graphical glitches. But I didn't get an option to activate the camera with your version in 1.6.1.
  7. Hello. Could you tell me what tools I need to make KURS work in 1.6.1?

    1. DennyTX


      hi. nothing i guess, just recompile. but seems like it has issues with scatterer.

    2. Bob Jub

      Bob Jub


  8. Is there any way to reduce the frequency of lightening strikes? Kerbin looks like a strobe light at night.
  9. Hello. I'm currently having a problem. Whenever my station isn't focused, I am getting electricity alerts. Could this be because I am using solar panels from SSTU? And if so, how can I solve this problem?
  10. Hello! I love SSTU and have been using it for a long time, I've been using the latest version with 1.6.1 with no problems really. Though I ran into a small anomaly; the thrust curves for SRBs don't seem to be working. I clicked on "edit curves" in the SRB's menu. And then selected "load preset" and then selected a curve profile. In testing, the SRB's thrust remained constant as well as fuel flow. Is there something I neglected to do to activate this feature, or is this a problem introduced with the new patch? I'm not sure, but possibly this is related to issue #745 on github.
  11. Question: I noticed that parts that get used more often can be built faster. This doesn't apply to entire sub-assemblies does it? I mean, I would figure that the parts that are getting used in the sub-assemblies get built faster; but what I was hoping was: KCT would encourage using a limited number of LVs instead of building new rockets from the ground up every time. I like the idea of encouragement for re-using the same rocket designs over and over.
  12. Can someone help me with setting up RCS? I end up spinning around on yaw when I use it