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  1. I have a new problem. Some items I have attached are acting strange. Floating point error?
  2. Thank you, I will enable this debug feature, return the drill, and then try reloading after disabling it again. I will report back with an edit to this post. EDIT- Alright that worked, thank you!
  3. Hello, I had an electric screwdriver equipped on my engineer on the Mun and it disappeared when I re-loaded the save. Where in the persistent sfs file can I edit it back?
  4. No, that would require a complete overhaul of the game's terrain engine.
  5. You would be willing to give up a deep suite of mods that adds endless gameplay opportunities for a silly cosmetic mod because the former changes names of the kerbals? I'm sorry but- https://i.imgur.com/LEc5z.jpg
  6. Yeah well- If you're NOT on the team, they better be compensating you. Because as soon as I read about the planetary colony system, I knew right away that it is what you intended the MKS system to be.
  7. That seemed a little rude.. I didn't ask for nor had any expectations for a fix.
  8. Ah! That was the problem. But the graphic problems are still visible. EDIT. Its related to the Astronomer's Visual pack I was using.
  9. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KUnBZzFkQAx8R-uiABryyQl1cF8sV72g
  10. I tried the original 1.3.1 version and it worked with graphical glitches. But I didn't get an option to activate the camera with your version in 1.6.1.
  11. Hello. Could you tell me what tools I need to make KURS work in 1.6.1?

    1. DennyTX


      hi. nothing i guess, just recompile. but seems like it has issues with scatterer.

    2. Bob Jub
  12. Is there any way to reduce the frequency of lightening strikes? Kerbin looks like a strobe light at night.
  13. Hello. I'm currently having a problem. Whenever my station isn't focused, I am getting electricity alerts. Could this be because I am using solar panels from SSTU? And if so, how can I solve this problem?
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