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  1. I have a new problem. Some items I have attached are acting strange. Floating point error?
  2. Thank you, I will enable this debug feature, return the drill, and then try reloading after disabling it again. I will report back with an edit to this post. EDIT- Alright that worked, thank you!
  3. Hello, I had an electric screwdriver equipped on my engineer on the Mun and it disappeared when I re-loaded the save. Where in the persistent sfs file can I edit it back?
  4. No, that would require a complete overhaul of the game's terrain engine.
  5. You would be willing to give up a deep suite of mods that adds endless gameplay opportunities for a silly cosmetic mod because the former changes names of the kerbals? I'm sorry but- https://i.imgur.com/LEc5z.jpg
  6. Yeah well- If you're NOT on the team, they better be compensating you. Because as soon as I read about the planetary colony system, I knew right away that it is what you intended the MKS system to be.
  7. That seemed a little rude.. I didn't ask for nor had any expectations for a fix.
  8. Ah! That was the problem. But the graphic problems are still visible. EDIT. Its related to the Astronomer's Visual pack I was using.
  9. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KUnBZzFkQAx8R-uiABryyQl1cF8sV72g
  10. I tried the original 1.3.1 version and it worked with graphical glitches. But I didn't get an option to activate the camera with your version in 1.6.1.
  11. Hello. Could you tell me what tools I need to make KURS work in 1.6.1?

    1. DennyTX


      hi. nothing i guess, just recompile. but seems like it has issues with scatterer.

    2. Bob Jub
  12. Is there any way to reduce the frequency of lightening strikes? Kerbin looks like a strobe light at night.
  13. Hello. I'm currently having a problem. Whenever my station isn't focused, I am getting electricity alerts. Could this be because I am using solar panels from SSTU? And if so, how can I solve this problem?
  14. Hello! I love SSTU and have been using it for a long time, I've been using the latest version with 1.6.1 with no problems really. Though I ran into a small anomaly; the thrust curves for SRBs don't seem to be working. I clicked on "edit curves" in the SRB's menu. And then selected "load preset" and then selected a curve profile. In testing, the SRB's thrust remained constant as well as fuel flow. Is there something I neglected to do to activate this feature, or is this a problem introduced with the new patch? I'm not sure, but possibly this is related to issue #745 on github.
  15. Question: I noticed that parts that get used more often can be built faster. This doesn't apply to entire sub-assemblies does it? I mean, I would figure that the parts that are getting used in the sub-assemblies get built faster; but what I was hoping was: KCT would encourage using a limited number of LVs instead of building new rockets from the ground up every time. I like the idea of encouragement for re-using the same rocket designs over and over.
  16. Can someone help me with setting up RCS? I end up spinning around on yaw when I use it
  17. Well.. I made it fly, but it wasn't very graceful
  18. How do I send modules that have at least 50 crew capacity to LKO for the hotel for less than 600,000 funds?
  19. KAC sort of works with 1.4.1, it works well enough that I can set a node so I can get a warning when a vessel approaches it; that's good enough for me- And I'm even getting by without transfer window planner by doing transfers the hard way by going to the interactive transfer website and using the numbers I get from that to make my transfers. @TriggerAu I love your mods and appreciate the work you do, glad to see you're still around!
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