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  1. Apparently i managed to delete this entries without causing even more problems =D TY
  2. Is there a way to delete the tracked vessel data from a savegame? In my careergame i have a whole lot of Vessels still in the LIfesupport tracker, despite the fact the have all been recovered. I dont think this is a bug with TAC_LS itself, since this did not happen in a new game i just started to see if this happens there aswell. Probably just a byproduct of installing-deleting-reinstalling mods mid game.
  3. This was my first guess to, but by rightclicking on that very same hatch i can have a kerbal eva from it.
  4. I think i have foudn a combatibility problem with KCT. Media Circus adds Funds insted of removing them, when i hit the launch ("build") Button. Is there any chance to get this working the right way?
  5. Great! As for Orbital decay, there is a "unofficial" recompile that seems to work fine. However, i am more than willing wo switch over to your version, since i vermy much like to have a fair amount of realism, but keep it in "simple terms", In addition i just assume to use several mods by the same Autor is a good practice, since there is a better chance they dont mess each other up.
  6. hmmmmm i play with the Orbital Decay mod right now. This raises a question: When you develop your orbital decay mechanics further (especially the station keeping part) i guess both mods qould do basicly the same? And a bonus question just pops to my mind : When the orbital decay mod removes objects (debris), will kessler syndrome realise it is gone? Edit: and a word of warning! The Whitecats orbital decay mod hat the bad habit to deorbit the "stranded" capsules created by rescue contracts, which made said rascue missions close to impossible to do (there is of course a sort of workaraound, by prebuild the rescue craft and send it out to the launchpad before acepting the contract). You may want to have an eye on this "problem" when working on your decay mechanics.
  7. i just tested it a few times, and the ejection module always choses the stock "inline" hatch over the hatch added by the mod, and thereby shoots my porr kerbal into the cargohold of my plane.
  8. Hey, is there a way to make the ejection modules "combatible" with Mk1-Cabin-Hatch?
  9. Just wondering if you are still working on this one. I would still be interested to see it finished and working in my game
  10. Sorry for spaming the topic but i just realised some other issues, number 2 might actually be the reason for my first post. 1) there is a button mentioned to turn off the red glow of a broken part, but i cant find it, neither in the stock toobar nor in the toolbar plugin. Edit: Forgett that one, i have misread the information 2) When i dont use the recovered parts, but new ones, the plane starts with 50% failure rate on them all, just as i f the parts where used the very first time. This is not the "in the hanger the wrong nubmers are shown" bug, but it also shows a 50% failure rate on ALL parts when i launch the plane. so it appears as if my game fails to take into acount how often a specific part was manufactured before. "Fixed itself" after reinstalling UPFM and Scrapyard. Isn't this the reason we want a mod like this? =D
  11. Ah, thats an interesting way of doing this, and 1 check per flight is more than reasonable in my book so probably just bad luck.
  12. hey there! This mod looks realy promissing and i will keep an eye on it, but for now i am not sure if it is refined enough for my taste How often does the game check for failures? The main reason for me to ask this is that i have build an Airplane, and after 5 (or was it 6?) flights not a single flight so far, without failure, And i start wondering if i am just unlucky, or use the mod wrong, or some mod incmbatibility causes shenanigans, .... etc. etc. The design of the plane is more or less the same since the beginning, all parts say there is a 4% failure chance, (except for two elevons which have 25% i dont count them, since i pretty much expected them to fail). At this point it comes to my mind that, 15 times 4% every minute (just picking a random time factor here) is still huge, especially on 'longer' flights, (like a 40 min's flight to the pyramids.). I am aware the mod is still beta, and i admit that i didntread the full tread yet, just feelt like sharing some thoughts here.
  13. Awesome! I will totaly use this as soon Tac-Ls support is done =)
  14. I got the same Problem as darloth when i tried this mod the last time (pretty much just as Linuxgurugamer picked it up), with Vessel losses when i didnt lose a vessel, and "killed" kerbals when i didnt lose a kerbal.I suspect some sort of "incombatibility" here, probably with Kerbal Construction Time, Stage Recovery, or maybe KRASH (registering vessel losses during simulations as actually happened?)? I will give it another go these days and see how it turns out, maybe this problems solved themself with a reinstall.
  15. Ty for the clarification =) i will use this for my next career go and see how it 'feels'