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  1. Looking super forward to using this mod and something similar to PCR! IVA campaigns are fun and immersive.
  2. Any progress on the patch? It seems the only way it can work for me is with deleting RP sounds :p
  3. I checked it out, and as far as I can tell it should be playing the new sounds for this one part because RO just edits stock parts for the engine configs. The very heavy config already has @@Part[Size3AdvancedEngine] Which this engine is using that as well. Sorry if I'm being annoying at all. I just really want to use it :DD
  4. Hmm, I tried more with making the patch for at least one part but no success. Even with just a bare bones RO install with no submods. Although, I don't know much about MM at all so I could be doing something very wrong.
  5. I tried just replacing the part name in the brackets after @part. No change though, Maybe it's something to do with realism overhaul?
  6. Super excited this is out! Quick question, How can we edit the config to add different parts? I'm using RO and would love to have the sounds playing with this mod. Thanks!
  7. I think I got it working now? It shows up in game settings and the audio muffler works! But the sounds aren't changed, assuming since its only code and not audio files in there.
  8. I'm new to recompiling stuff... How did you go about it? I'm getting this error when I try to build it Error CS0103 The name 'GUILayout' does not exist in the current context RocketSoundEnhancement C:\Users\xxxxx\source\repos\ClassLibrary1\RSE.cs 126 Active [8:54 PM]
  9. Absolutely love this mod, quick question on AA. When using this mod, would you recommend disabling the games AA in settings and using of the AA settings in this mod? Thanks!
  10. Hello! I absolutely love the new update, I'm getting absolutely horrible performance with it though. Loading into scenes I noticed is taking much longer and absolutely kills the game and makes it freeze super hard, when loaded in it also takes longer for the game to settle and unfreeze itself. For context, I am running a full RP1/RO install on KSP 1.8.1 and upgraded from v18.14. If it helps, RP1 added the visual scanners to some cameras and I attempted to use them before I realized I had to update scansat, perhaps this corrupted the save somewhat? Anyway, I tried deleting all map data but stil
  11. Is there a way to get the Hullcam VDS cameras to have the proper shaders in the alcor screen? As of now stuff like the black and white camera show color when they’re not supposed to. Thanks!
  12. Hi all, I'm trying to replace the screens from the Probe Control Room mod to the MAS equivalent. The screens show up and are lit, but they don't respond. I've added the proper module to the mods config so I'm not sure what's going on. The screen only change when changing scenes but they still won't respond in flight. Here's what it looks like in flight. https://imgur.com/a/AHtBbfZ Any help would gladly be appreciated and I hope everyone is safe!
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