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  1. Damn, I can't wait til procedural control surfaces (if that's still happening)! I'm trying to make tiny one person planes with the new kerbal seats and the magical turbine force is making them fly too easily!
  2. Just a quick bug report that you may already know: the wings were not visible from within the cockpit. If that's already known, sorry, I must've missed it. Cool mod!
  3. yup! it looks a bit better with the vertical stabilizers being a bit angled, and needs extra engines on those outboard fuel tanks to take off (then i jettison them).
  4. here's my favorite looking real life plane that i have designed. http://imgur.com/a/GMmAP I couldn't get the top to be flat while keeping with the design, but it still looks pretty near to the real thing
  5. In .17 are the other planets going to have atmosphere? if so, you could make your lander even more efficient by giving it some wings so that you can glide in on atmospheric planets and powered landings on moons.
  6. thanks, just realized i could do it with dropbox so that should work!
  7. Here's a new craft i made. There are three versions: Mechjeb (for the decouplers as well as a mechjeb pod which isn't really needed), Stock, and Mechjeb + JellyCube Weapons Here's the full album because KSP forums would only allow me to post 5 images. Besides being stable and having a good turning radius and roll rate it also can take off in a very short distance and has an escape pod with parachutes. The biggest difference between the Mechjeb version and the Stock version is that the back engines don't decouple in the stock version. this means that the body of the aircraft will continue to fly even after you have ejected in the stock one, while the mechjeb one will fall fairly fast. a picture of the weaponized version is included in the album as well. it includes 8 missiles and two railguns. thanks for checking this out! -Elmeerkat EDIT: here's some links! Stock MechJeb MechJeb + weapons
  8. My VTOL (though maybe not so much on the landing unless you have skill or a nice computer) and aircraft carrier. very laggy, but so stable it doesn\'t even matter. with the asas on it won\'t budge, without it can hold any angle with only minor adjustments. on the runway from the front taking off off the end of the runway gaining speed gaining some altitude (could be accomplished with just the fans, but it\'s more fun with the turbines) making a banked turn turning its turbines around to slow down slowing down speeding up again coming in for landing on the ground, wishing KSP supported multiple craft in atmosphere in the air at once and one last one with its speed. it can go faster, but has low acceleration
  9. have you gotten it to take off without engines yet?
  10. yeah, that\'s probably true. the glider can take more weight though (because of its upper wings) so you could add those fairly easily.
  11. this is the glider lite http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5149816/Glider%20%20lite.craft and this is the glider http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5149816/Glider.craft it takes a few seconds to get going, but once you get it swinging back and forth on the runway (or somewhere flat) they both gain speed quite fast. they cannot keep all of this speed in the air though (you can gain speed if you circle, but only a bit) which is why you have the engine. EDIT: attached the .craft files as attachments
  12. here are my two most stable aircraft, both of which can take off without ever igniting the engines. here\'s the glider which can be laggy on my computer and here\'s the glider lite which is much less laggy using the elevators while alternating between turning left and right they can gain speeds of around 100m/s, but they also have a single air-breathing engine.
  13. tried it out, much harder to control than the deimos, but it definitely looks awesome.
  14. man, that\'s what i\'ve been trying, but it hasn\'t worked out to well (i keep getting too complicated for it to be manual).
  15. i love it, as you said it pitches over every once in a while, but it looks great and flies well. i\'ve been trying to make something similar after seeing it, but can\'t figure out how you got it to be symmetrical along the x-axis. help?