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  1. I\'m a currently in my last year of high school right now and I\'ve found KSP, more so the forums has been very educational. It\'s been very good for the circular motion for physics and has greatly expanded my knowledge about orbits and delta v. Any other high schoolers using ksp?
  2. Well, I have a love affair with Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Doctor Karl http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Kruszelnicki Who are your favourites and why?
  3. A dare ice coffee (750ml) and some marshmallows, I\'ll have something to toast on re-entry
  4. There\'s soem good old jewels on Gog.com for a steal, like the older combat sims
  5. I don\'t think they do it for the money but rather because they can. It\'s The game is a steal for $15, it\'s easily going to be worth upwards of $50 when it is fully finished.
  6. When your rocket has struts used like duct tape just to keep the central fuselage together
  7. If you like gliding or are a glider pilot (Like me) you can\'t go wrong with condor. The graphics are dated but it is really immersive and realistic, with expertly modeled aircraft.
  8. Well, In a few hours I\'m going to be walking 4 days of the bibbulmun track. Got me thinking, who else hikes or enjoys other outdoor activities. Could someone please launch a few rockets into the mun for me while I\'m gone.
  9. FSX while dated has a huge number of addons and has a really good tutorial system. I\'d suggest it for beginners. For your combat sims you can\'t go wrong with Il-2, it\'s on gog for less than $10. Flanker, LO-MAC and the rest of the DCS stuff is really good but more complex than 50 tangled slinkeys. Be prepared for a world of hurt with those ones.
  10. I see your argument about being modular. It does help that many modern launch systems are quite modular, but in the long run I really can\'t see them getting any more efficient, but at least for the next decade or so, they are still the viable launch option.
  11. I loved the beginning, very good writing. However I felt that you had rushed it a bit towards the end. Overall it\'s really good and I\'m looking forwards to seeing more of your work soon.
  12. That is an amazing picture, one that if it had just *Few more* boosters would be the most kerbal thing ever.
  13. Hi guys, I made this as a proof of concept video a few days ago. Now that I have decent internets I have uploaded it to the world. As I was in a hurry footage was taken over half an orbit ans shamelessly spliced with some music from space night earth views. What do you think?
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