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  1. hy there ! I'm playing right now with KSP 1.4.3 and Kerbalism... Will this mod work nicely with it or do i need to choose between them ?
  2. Yeps, but i'm to newbish to really enjoy RO ^^. And, a top of that, i found the "hazard" system more stock... yeah, silly vision i know ! 23/24 per craft or for all you're ships oO ? I generaly use the Thud, the nuclear, and some aerospike engines for my endgame, sometimes the RAPIER or the vector. The LV family is only for the beginning, same for the terrier.
  3. In fact, i think is not an issue to have imbalanced parts. And players (especely wen you come at the end of the techtree) already only uses 3 or 4 engines max. With this, it's probably ending the same way, but you have some "generation" of research for each engine, and you don't realy know witch is going to be the "must have" for specific purpose. That's all the point.
  4. Hy all ! Since i've restarted a new carrer, i juste feeling the same problem comming out, the same tha cost my interst every time: Everything is planned, even the R&D. It's not only the amout or the location of each parts but, well, you know, their specificities. And i came with a idea (probably silly and stupid but...): it is possible to have randomized evolution of somes parts, like engine for exemple ? for the sake of the demonstration, take the LV-T45. Say that when you research it, it's IPS was only 200atm & 250vac. Latter, you upgrade it and the mod chose between boost the IPS atm or vac... So, at the end, you can totaly have the engine with, let say an IPS of 210atm & 360vac... And this is only for the IPS, you can imagine it for the fuel consumption for exemple, or even the weight. Why not the gimbal too ? What do you think about it ? And, by the way, i don't have any idea of how doing this or if it's only possible ? So if someone whant to take this idea and make it real or help me on this, i'm on !
  5. Hy ! I follow this mod for some times now and, this night, i give it a try. Everything looks good (launch without any problems) and i create my first ship, buy it and... It's spawn somewhere close to the station, and make an rapid, unplanned and catastrophic disassembly. Without any exmplosion. I just use MechJeb and Kerbal Joint Reinforcement, and do a little clipping (but nothing hard, and just by using the offset tool, not the F12 one. (And, sorry for my bad english :/ ) Anyway, nice job, i will try again tomorrow !
  6. Ok Guy's ! First of all, happy new year ! Now, i have a question ! Why the laboratory is better than the R&D departement at the KSC ? I mean, it give you MORE science with two kerbonautes than all R&D and the scientists on Kerbin. So, i wonder if it's possible to manage a little mod like this: You pick up some scientist (2 for T1, 4 for T2 and 6 for T3 maybe ?) and make them work on your R&D departement. The default science was lower than stock, but if you wait, you can gain so much more. What do you think about it ?
  7. Argl... To bad. But, thanks for the tips. I think that a single new exprerience do for now . At every chance, no one has planned to resume the plugin? ^^
  8. Hi ! I work currently on a mod that modifies certain parts of the tech tree . And I wish I could make the habitation module offers an experience over the long term (as Scansat scan actually) for remplace the actual crew report. But I think it is going to need more than a view CFG file right?
  9. Com'on ! Now, i want to see the show again... And the movie too ! but this video is realy cool !
  10. I will ! If it's planned for the futur, it's perfect ^^ But i'm wonder if AntennaRange use the conic path like RemoteTech or if all the antenna was omni-directionnal. Anyway, thanks for the return !
  11. Hy everyone ! I begin recently a new science carrier with Remote-tech. But the way of the connection work is more fun-killer than plaisant, imho. So, i wonder if it's possible to have a lite version of this mods, where you always need a satellites network but where the connections are automatised. In fact, one dish with enough range could follow many others satellites. And the link always search a way to go at the KSC If i'm behind the mun, and had a possible connection with the KSC by satellite, the mod use it without any manual linking process between mun-com/sat-com/KSC I've tried to look at the MM files, but, as a newbie, i don't understand anything ! Anyway, thanks for the reading, and all other things !
  12. a little summer bump ?