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  1. Are you talking to me? Munar Rover Wheel has its own Curse page at Biza has still functioning media fire download www_mediafire_com/download/5fms36oxxf3wofs/ Also the torrent provided in Kerbalstuff front page has all the mods ever distributed by the site. You can choose the mods you want to download, altough it can be a bit difficult.
  2. All I'd want to is to have MK3 variant of this beautiful cockpit
  3. First of all: Thank you. I've been using every one of mods you've updated ever since they were originally made and am glad that I can keep on using them. Could you maybe try to restore this mod. One of my favourite mods that seems to be a little outdated. (Munar Rover Wheel) Another interesting mod to resurrect would be Biza-command module Yet another one: FTmN Atomic Rockets (I'm just browsing old mods and bringing up ones that were fun, but seem derelict now)
  4. I have a request. Could the names be a little more imaginative. Sarnus, Neidon, Urlum and Plock just made me facepalm when I read them.
  5. Mk3 Cockpit Internals [0.90] [Not a Part]

    Who allowed this one to drop all the way back to page 5? Make it sticky. Better yet, make it stock.
  6. KSOS Cockpit for MK3

    What? I want a cockpit from the image below, that I can strap on my MK3 shuttle, instead of the hideous new stock MK3 cockpit.
  7. KSOS Cockpit for MK3

    I love the look of the Kerbin Shuttle Orbiter. However I don't like how the shuttles are not modular, but there is only one way you can build the shuttle, no creativity. Would someone please make a KSOS looking cockpit for MK3 fuselage
  8. Altair-lander

    There are tons of mods with the Apollo lunar lander and some with the Soviet LK-lander, but is there any mod with the planned Altair lander?
  9. A staging concept

    I have a concept for a new kind of staging system. You would have <insert number> of individual fuel tank-engine -combos balanced around ship. See image below. Here the four "arms" form a square. You would drain one fuel tank at a time and then drop the empty arm off. Rest of the arms would then rotate to form a triangle to balance your ship. So kinda like asparagus staging, but involving moving parts. I guess it could be done with Infernal Robotics, but would be easier if there was a structural fuselage with rotating parts in it (hence the choice of sub-forum). What do you think?
  10. Lander Parts Pack for MK1/MK2 Cans

    Does it work with ALCOR landing can?
  11. Figured as much. Well, there goes my install
  12. I was just wondering, how much memory this mod uses up.
  13. Have mods gone too far?

    Dammit! I forgot Sailor Mün
  14. I think I saw Oxidizer to IntakeAir converter mod somewhere sometime. Pretty sure it is outdated.