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  1. yes, please find. i dont have them since i formatted my computer.
  2. im sorry to necro this thread, but is there any news on the kipler? the modeling you did for it made it look so darn good. i would love the play with it (hehe, innuendo)
  3. that looks amazing, downliading now
  4. theres a dll file in the kosmos pack. where do i put that file? its called 'MuMechLib.dll'
  5. i like will download when i get home. well done, this is fantastic. very nice rocket models. also, welcome to the forums!!!
  6. remember that ion engines still use propellant. if i were you, id just make it a low thrust engine with a large fuel tank.
  7. i find it increadible that anyone would spend this much time on a mod, only to dissapear from the forums, not even logging in. you think he/she is ok, i hope they aint dead.
  8. id forgotten just how good this mod was. it even enspired me to build a model of the soyuz rocket launch system. such a brilliant design, still looks futuristic, even though the system was made in the middle of the 20th century. i cant think of anything that is still being used today, from that period.
  9. are all the parts in that pic, in the probodono (close enough) pack. my game doesnt show that brown dome part, and no sign of the sphere skeleton tank part, above the lander engine.
  10. i used to be able to get space stations into orbit by using the instaorbit mod. but now, you GET UP THERE (dont know why i shouted), but you still need to have an engine, to get your lateral velocity up, so you actualy orbit, instead of falling right back to kearth.
  11. it was still doing it even with the asas on. must just be a bug.
  12. nice mod anyone noticed the ascent stage (of the lander) wont go striaght, it veers off in one direction, and you have to constantly correct. i was wondering if it had something to do with the fact that the rcs are radialy, and if one gets empty, itll get lighter on one side, and throw off the center of gravity.
  13. dont make a game, just make AWESOME mods for ksp
  14. good for a starter mod. but there are many previous iterations of such a part.
  15. and i just thought the same thing. in observing, you became the exact thing you objected. as did i.
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