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  1. Thanks! That seems to have solved the issue, I didn't have CRP installed. Whoops! However, your OP should indicate that CRP is needed for the mod to work if it is the case.
  2. Well, I tested disabling all mods except for this one, and the lag persists. Moreover, enabling all mods and disabling this one gets rid of the lag. I have tested and this happens with other solar panels aswell, they read their solar current power as 0. I have tried reinstalling the mod, still there. Here's a screenshot with no other mods installed. Running KSP 64-bit
  3. Your mod is currently causing the solar panels (the single ones) to lag the game(the more you add the more lag they cause). Haven't tested multi solar panels
  4. marc40k

    If You Ran KSP's Development...

    Impressive. Absolutely correct, except for: Too many diferent fuels would clutter the game Having to discover planets would be a pain in the *** Scaling the Kerbol System would also make the game slower = more boring Other than that, 11/10
  5. marc40k

    [1.0.3] Editor Extensions v2.12 - 23 June

    If you are going to work on the mod again, please add those, and you will be my hero of the year
  6. marc40k

    [1.0.3] Editor Extensions v2.12 - 23 June

    Add: 3. Solve the flicker/twitch when pressing X to change simmetry number. (It is very annoying) 4. Add a button to center a part in the vertical center of a rocket (when looking the rocket from above or below) Thanks again MachXXV, you're a pro.
  7. marc40k

    [1.0.4] Stock Clamshell Fairings (June 1)

    The mod we needed
  8. Thanks for the help. Sadly, I didn't bring the tools, so I foresee a rescue mission...
  9. A tip: if you press "I" in the editor, it will show up the thermal manager, and there you can see the quantity of heat generated and radiated, so you don't place too much radiators (or not enough). Usually, with only solar panels, you can place a couple of reduced radial radiators (using tweakscale) and you're good to go.
  10. I don't know what changed after KIS was implemented, but before that I remember being able to grab a pipe end point from a craft that has two, place it in another craft, and then connect the two pipe end points to transfer fuel. Now, I don't see the "grab" icon when I right click the pipe end point. What am I doing wrong?
  11. I just came here to say: Thank you, @ferram4 For all your work done, I hope the best for you.
  12. marc40k

    [1.0.3] Editor Extensions v2.12 - 23 June

    The flicker/twitch when changing angles is driving me mad, a fix would be much, much appreciated.
  13. marc40k

    Proper Fairings ASAP

    Sir, you're right
  14. marc40k

    [1.0.5] Science Containers v.08.3

    Is @SirDargon going to update the mod anytime soon? I'd love to use it in the new 1.0.2