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  1. Hi, i have problems with black textures on certain parts too. I experiment a little the last days and could nail it down to the Spacelab_difusse texture of the spt\spacelab. I downloaded the old original mod in wich this texture exists as png and use them instead and the black textures disapered. I have no knowledge about making textures, so i experimetned a little with saveing the png as dds (dtx5) and got it to work. Maybe this information helps you. And sorry for my english, languages are one of my worse skills, even on my native language i have problems to write correct
  2. Hi, i loved your Service Module System and used it alot in my last save. I was happy to see, that you working on a refresh. So i give it a well deserved place in my current save. Unfortany i have a little problem with the abort sequence. If i triger the LAS engine and the decuple of the Service module with the abort action group, the LAS engine start fireing and a few miliseconds later the decouple happen. So the engines fuel is half burnd befor the capsule is seperated and so have not enough distance to the rocket to be save. EDIT: Ok, seems that i found my mistake. I also have to add 'toggle mode' in the AG's
  3. DianonForce

    Universal Storage II [1.3.1 and 1.4.5 - 1.7.0]

    What i discoverd today, whenn you install Universalstorage (the clasic) alongside to US2, the Experiments will replaced by the ones from US (clasic) and work again. They are a little to big, so they clip into the Core, but its a workarround i think.
  4. DianonForce

    Universal Storage II [1.3.1 and 1.4.5 - 1.7.0]

    I recognize that the Hydrogene Tank (one height) is a bit to big and clips with its sorundings, it also seems that the node is al little to high. The other 1 height Tanks (Monoprop) also seems to be a little to big, if you place them in one row above each other they clip into each other.
  5. a few weeks ago i had the same problem, with parts from Fuel Tanks Plus, after i switch the modulemanager.dll to a older version the error go away.
  6. DianonForce

    [1.3] RCS Sound Effects (2017-06-12)

    Seems that this Mod have issues with module manager 2.6.21 and some mod parts (ex. launch escape system from SDHI Service Module System), so that the rcs effects on this parts will be allways on. With module manager 2.6.20 i don't have this bug, but then i have bugs with texture switching modules on other mods. So it is only a workarround for installations that have no mods with texture switching.
  7. DianonForce

    [1.4.1] Fuel Tanks Plus 2.0.2 (2018-03-14)

    I hade the same z-fighting issue. And also couldn't change tank setups and colors, the whole right click menu wasn't showing. I removed, Firespitter, Interstellar Fuel Switch ModuleManager.ConfigCache nothing helped, after that i reinstalled Firespitter and Interstellar Fuel Switch Plugins Firespitter from here (v7.2.0 for KSP 1.1 (PRE)) Interstellar Fuel Switch from the OP of this thread now all is fine again Hope this maybe help one with the same problem.
  8. it is right that the Shield has only 3 AS left after landing from 120km orbit to a 45km periapses descending?
  9. DianonForce

    Space Shuttle Pack for ksp 1.0.4 dev thread

    I have a little wish too. Can you pleas move the part a bit higher in teh tech tree? It feels wrong to get them bevore MK3 parts.
  10. Yes, i use the pod cover and fairings but i'm also using FAR, wich if i understand right, calulate drag on shape and not on values in a cfg. And also it work with same configuration with the headshields come with DRE. So i dont think it is a bug only with stock aero. Imho, it looks like the shields are upside down, so they work on ascending and not on descending. I will try this today. Edit: finaly it seems to work, i don't know why. I have throwing my test installation in the bin and updated a bunch of mods for my normal installation, after all, now it seems to work during reentry, still loses som AS during ascending, maybe because of an high AoA.
  11. OK, i installed last FAR branch today, the dockingport dosn't explode anymore at reentry. But still get strangs behavior during liftoff. On half of all liftoff the heatshild loses all or nearly all of his ablative shielding on the first few meters. And still dosn't loses any ablative shilding during reentry. output_bin.txt for analysis prupose Installed mods are: AnimatedDecouplers DeadlyReentry FASA Launch Clamps and Towers Ferram-Aerospace-Research ModuleManager-2.6.3 SDHI_ServiceModuleSystem What i have done: I have build a simple rocket SDHI Service Module on top of 2 LF stages and 6 SRB's. Launched all first time -> losing 60% of ablative shielding during takeoff. Revert flight to launchpad and tryed again -> dosn't losing any ablative shielding during liftof but also loses no AS during reentry. Revert flight an tryed again -> losing 80% of the AS during liftoff. Revert flight ... -> losing no AS during liftoff. Next revert ... -> losing all AS on the first 100m during liftoff. Hope annyone understand whats going wrong.
  12. Thanks for this Info. Seems i searched on the wrong end . I will try the new FAR dll today.
  13. I don't know why but i have extrem problems with DRE and the last masterbranch from github. Installed mods are: AnimatedDecouplers DeadlyReentry FASA Launch Clamps and Towers Ferram-Aerospace-Research ModuleManager-2.6.3 SDHI_ServiceModuleSystem The Heatshield loses Ablator from launch to 20km high (ca 800/1000 left), and on reentry it dosn't loses any ablator, don't even get hot (6.8K). Instead the Dockingport gets hotter and hotter during reentry until it explodes. Any Idea why this happens? For testing i have used the heatshield come with DRE. they dosn't loses any ablator during liftoff and losing only on reentry, but the dockingport still gets hotter untill it explodes.
  14. I play with it in FAR and DRE, but i must change the Heatshild to work with DRE. It seams that the new DRE serching for a difrent module so it dosn't modify the current heatshild correct to work with DRE correctly. Because of a now fixed bug in FAR i was thinking that the fairings are broken and made a Adapterring with stock precedual fairings if anyone intrested in, i think they will work under stock atmosphere as well.