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  1. removing the Extrasolar mod made clouds come back, so will look into that mod and see what it is doing.
  2. Good deal, I'll try out the new version tonight or tomorrow and report back if any issues.
  3. I have tried the manual download twice before instead of ckan. just tried the ckan hoping it would work where the others did not. I'll try removing extra solar and see what happens.
  4. 16gb of RAM, KSP with mods fully loaded at around 7-8gb Processor is the i5-3750k. Wonder if going to i7 would speed up ksp load by 20-30%. If i knew it would, I'd buy one.
  5. Not getting clouds. Not sure why. Using ckan 1.1.2 install Here is log. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3349047/output_log%20%282%29.txt
  6. Found an issue with Module Manager and this mod. B/c of way this mode makes a new .cfg in Gamedata each load, it causes MM to load fresh each time and not from Cache. I run 227 mods currently, and the load time with this mode in none-cache is about 20-21mins. Removing this mod and making a new load, and then MM loading from cache, cut my load times to right on 10mins. I really like this mod, and I think you can save the .cfg in plugindata and have it not effect MM. I'm not real sure how all that works. But might want to look into it. Until this is fixed, I would like to use this mod, but prefer to cut my loads in half. Doesn't make a big deal with only a few mods installed. But with a lot, this is a pretty big difference.
  7. Load time was cut in half. Dropped from about 20mins, to 10mins right on the dot almost. Still higher than I would like by 3-4mins. But acceptable for amount of stuff being loaded I guess. Would a faster processor make it quicker? or would it be faster RAM, maybe?
  8. yeh that's fine. I understand. Doing initial load now. Then I'll do the reload. and post back in a little bit.
  9. ok, cool.. thanks buddy. I'll delete that and try reloading and I'll post the results. hmm Screenshot mod.. yeh out you go.
  10. That's kinda the idea I was starting to get. Any way to figure out which one? Within reason. I have the ability to muddle through and find it I'm sure.. if I knew what I was looking for.
  11. Here is my situation. Not sure if there is a way to make it load quicker. I5-3750K GTX 970 16gb Ram 250gb SSD 220 mods listed in Ckan. About 20-25min load time also. 9gb running. 81k MM patches. I've been trying to figure out a way to cut down on load time, but haven't figured it out. I don't have any extra network adapters or such. The big time user seems to be MM doing all the patches. Looks like all the mods actually load in about 3-4mins. But then MM takes forever. ------------------------------------------------------- Did some more testing here is roughly what I found. I changed mods. Showing 227 in ckan. ok, First 4 mins of load looks like it goes through loading, then repeats from directories (can't be 100% sure but from look of it, it looks like it loads the directories twice). after 4mins, MM patches start. MM:Legacy ones. 13k patches about another 1mins or so. start then seeing MM: before[modname], afters[], and for[]. This goes on for about 4min till you see MM:FINAL starts at about 54k patches. about another 1.5-2mins 60k patches.. looks like it starts loading everything again. I assume this is the final load of patched stuff. This load seems to go slow. Ended up being a total of 19-20mins. Was only 60251 patches. I did remove some stuff last night. ------------------------------------------------------ Just wondering if there is any way to cut this down to like at least 10mins or am I just stuck due to so many mods and patches that have to be done? LOG link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3349047/output_log.txt
  12. OOOHHHHHHH ok, heh, thanks for the reply. Sometimes with so many mod (I'm running 220ish) it's hard to figure out which goes with what. Appreciate the info.
  13. Trying to figure otu what I'm doing wrong. I'm trying to complete the contract in the screenshot here. Ask to basically just transmit data. but when I just transmit it doesnt turn green completed.. and when i try to do research.. it says cant do it... do i need to research then transmit? do i use another science thing to research then transmit? I'm just missing something here.
  14. so is module manager really no longer working correctly with x64 builds?
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