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  1. EwingKang

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-45822845 So the BBC got something wrong? Maybe they mixed "jettison" and "deploy" ?
  2. EwingKang

    Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    WOAH! what an exciting news! Seems like it is finally time for me to buy the MH and upgrade to 1.4. Please, squad, take you're time and make everything as best as possible.
  3. Version: KSP 1.3.1 (I'm still playing with KSP 1.3.1 because I don't want any interference with the save file.) Mod: Kerbal Alarm Clock/ Camera tools (no factor, I think) Situation: One of my huge minor craft will dettached every part from its root part if I hit "undock", then everything dettached will simply drift away Save file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2fvyu4iqyb1e4fb/1070410 beforeundockbug.sfs?dl=0 Craft: MEG - SAuto (Should be the bottom last craft in the Tracking Station) (*caution* parts count might be pretty high) Tried: I've tried to use KML to fix the ship after undock, but the KML will just shown a bunch of "part is not attched to its root" without repair option. I see on issue in the savefile before I hit undock on that perticular ship. Description: You can see the little Octagnal Struct that is still at its original place. The whole ship that drift upwards is the minor ship that I undocked from the rover on the right side. Since I've spent hundreds if not thousands of hours on this save, I would really love to continue this career. I even haven't been to Duna yet! Any suggestion would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  4. EwingKang

    KSP Weekly: The Alexandrian Astronomer

    Wow today's space history is pretty...historic Feels like the release is a little bit rushed Personally I would wait for the 1.4.1 (or maybe 1.4.2!?) before I buy the MH pack.
  5. Hey, just saw the official Arduino post on G+, it is marvelous !!!!! I'm here to give you my congradulations!
  6. EwingKang

    Stock lights aren't very bright

    Seriously? 1000lm/watt !? From all the commonly available datasheet, CREE has the normal performance of 100lm/watt up to 10W and that's pretty impressive. A little googling only gives the result of breaking 300lm/watt back in 2014 from their press release. Can you provide any link to the news and something? It would be mindblowing if it's true I'm so ready to be educated.
  7. EwingKang

    Can't Undock Bug, How To Fix

    @Mythos, thanks for your help. Your file did worked fine. And since you have no problem with it, I gave another round of try with the KML. Finally it worked! It is only because I didn't "run it as Administrator" that it seemed to be unable to overwrite the files *facepalm*. I'm a idiot. I can finally undock that thing now, thanks for your awesome software!
  8. EwingKang

    Can't Undock Bug, How To Fix

    It's 1.3.1 now, but I still encounter this bug Hello Mythos, I've tried your KML editor. The fixer seemed to change nothing ingame after rightclick-repare the issue. "Undock" option is still missing from both docking ports. Those same issue in KML still appears after I exit the supposedly repaired game. After painstakingly found both docking ports, do the three step solution above, the "undock" botton did show up again. However when I hit Undock, the option simply disappeared and the part I want to dettached is still sticked together. In this picture, you can see the station is consists of multiple vessle of the same type. Right to the selected docking port are four 1st generation "Mun Transportation Vehicle" clumped together. The spacing between docking ports does not match to the 2nd gen on the left so only one docking port can possibly be docked at a time. The 1st gen originally docked to the others through the lower port, and I decided to return them back to LKO due to low framerate. After I undocked it, the game lagged, and seems like the entire 1st gen half is "sucked" to the upper docking port. After all the lagging stoped, both docking port have no "undock" option. Here's the save file, and the cit of the problematic parts are 4294659678, and 4293555442. Can anyone help me with this? PLEASE?
  9. EwingKang

    KSP Weekly: The night that turned into day

    KSP2.0: Mankind Space Srogram confirmmmmmmmmed!
  10. EwingKang

    Is it Northeast basin or Northern basin?

    Hey Klesh, Nope I'm actually kind of at the center of the biome. It gives the same "Northeast basin" using KerbNet (Science Lab), which I was using to search for not-yet-landed biome.
  11. EwingKang

    Is it Northeast basin or Northern basin?

    I'm not familiar with Mod systems, not sure what this "Kittopia dump" means. I guess it some sort of way to extract in game data about planets? So maybe I should report this to Squad somewhere so they can fix it?
  12. EwingKang

    KSP Weekly: Edwin Hubble

    Speaking of mission targets, I really wish we could have retrograde target marker on the navball for normal career mission or kerbNet target. It would make target flying much more easier.
  13. Hello fellows I'm playing through a career and have almost finished all the biome on Mun with the help of [x] Science! Mod. I've however bomp inot this question: I can't find "Northern basin!!!!" which appeared on the science list! After some struggle with the orbit, It seems that the "Northeast basin" is used by all experiments and kerbnet system. "Nortern basin" is used by KSP wiki and the [x]Science! https://imgur.com/a/ZC1WI I know it's probably a small thing, just post it here incase anyone have the same question. Are there anywhere I could report this typo?