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  1. thx for new update and backport. i have one bugs in backport in VAB/SPH, i can't open kerbalism menu like image below. ksp 1.3.1, kerbalism, MM 3.0.4, CRP
  2. @PiezPiedPy In case you installed the SSPX patch into Kerbalism, it should be installed into SSPX, not Kerbalism. Also the patch is needed regardless of an MKS install. : i did but... What inflatable parts are you using? Is the gravity ring from Kerbalism malfunctioning ? : A bug occurs on every inflatable parts in sspx. inflatable parts in other modes were not tested. Why are you are using the Back Port version? : Which version should I use? i used backport because it's latest version in 1.3.1 I'll see what I can do for a 1.7.0 Backport after 1.7.0 releases, no promises though : I really, really appreciate it. thank you.
  3. +oh, i just checked sspx works with kerbalism in 1.4.3. this is why i need kerbalism 1.6.0 backport. i understand 1.4.3ver is more important then 1.3.1 backport. but please, I would like you to make a backport one day.
  4. i did but didn't work. I am experiencing errors in inflatable modules. 1. It is marked as enabled when disabled. In the opposite case, when disabled, it's displayed as enabled 2. crew can not board, whether inflated or not. 3. The rotary module does not rotate. The version I use is kerbalism bp-1.4.3 and sspx 1.0.2. i'm not using mks. i double checked. and It was the same when only two mods were applied. (except essential mods for run sspx&kerbalism like modulemanager, community resource pack)
  5. I understand that the priority is in 1.4.3. Aside from that, when will 1.3.1 Backport be coming out? I have created a RSS/RO/RP-0 mod pack that includes sspx, but I have not been able to finalize it due to an error with kerbalism. I could fix the conflicts between the different modes myself, but not in the case of kerbalism. -through the Google Translator, VaNnadin- P.S. How do I change my nickname? P.S.S. Google Translator has developed a lot more than before. lmao :D
  6. BlackDragon Korean

    [1.6.1-1 + Backports] Kopernicus & KittopiaTech

    i want use Latest version of RSSVE and it needs
  7. BlackDragon Korean

    [1.6.1-1 + Backports] Kopernicus & KittopiaTech

    i have some problem with this mod.. i'm using RSS and Constellations in 1.2.2 and it makes earth really bright. i think it's happened because the brightness of the added stars didn't decreased by distence. i tried to fix this thing but i can't. what should i do? *my Kopernicus version is
  8. BlackDragon Korean

    [1.2.2] Real Solar System Visual Enhancements v1.2.2-RC4 [2017-09-03]

    yeah, you're right. the problem was version of Kopernicus. problem solved! thank you very much.
  9. BlackDragon Korean

    [1.2.2] Real Solar System Visual Enhancements v1.2.2-RC4 [2017-09-03]

    i'm having big problem with this mod. i can't see saturn's ring. i reinstalled mods, game itself, and i even checked config files and nothing is changed like this. in consol window, it says Code and texture related to the ring were recognized and applied normally. oh, i changed some settings in RSSVE_Global_Config.cfg and original rss mod ring appeared without a shadow. %Rings { %Ring { %texture = RSSVE/Assets/MainTextures/SaturnRings %angle = 0 %innerRadius = 1200 %outerRadius = 2500 %longitudeOfAscendingNode = 0 %lockRotation = True %unlit = True %useNewShader = false <---------True to false %penumbraMultipler = 1000.0 } } I'm spending more than 10 hours on this job just to solve this single problem. i really want to solve it quickly. what's the problem and what should i do???
  10. BlackDragon Korean

    I'm making movie!!!

    Before speaking to the point, You should remember this. My native language is not English. Therefore, an error may be in the grammar. Please understand about this. let's join us!!
  11. BlackDragon Korean

    I'm making ksp movie. I'm looking for helpers.

    hmm... English please?
  12. BlackDragon Korean

    [1.1] BDArmory v0.11.0.1 (+compatibility, fixes) - Apr 23

    I double checked. I tried to reinstall. but nothing changed.
  13. BlackDragon Korean

    [1.1] BDArmory v0.11.0.1 (+compatibility, fixes) - Apr 23

    oh, and I tried in 0.25.0. but nothing changed.
  14. BlackDragon Korean

    [1.1] BDArmory v0.11.0.1 (+compatibility, fixes) - Apr 23

    ok, i did it. I mean this. before(0.5.2) after(0.6.0)-no texture, no sound, no bullet (in ksp 0.24.2- I'm waiting for compatibility update)