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  1. I was busy for the whole month, so progress is very small. N-1 Launchpad in my opinion needs to be fully reworked because of bad geometry. 121-60-25 is done, next is N1's pad.
  2. Glad to see you guys! They are all different! WIP: Panel House project 121-60-25
  3. Soviet Typical Architecture Work in Progress Panel House Project 1-335: Panel House Project 121-60-25: Panel House Project 1605:
  4. I am here, guys. Exuse me for such a long absence, you know: IRL and creative crisis do things. So, what's going on here? I don't undrerstand the reason of activity ITT.
  5. Parts looks awesome! The only suggestion is could you add fire animations for all turrets?
  6. I am here and still alive! Excuse me for lack of the news I've got a... creative crisis. Hopefully, now i am ready to make stuff. We are planning to release Titan-II, Omich-K and some military stuff. All rockets you offered me to make will be made as soon as we finish our grand plan.
  7. @MajorLeaugeRocketScience I know very well about LOK and Zond, and all these thing are already exist in Tantares. About issue: I'll test Omich-L beta today in 1.0.4. Also, don't multipost, please- use Edit button to add some new things to your message. @JPmAn Thank you for your work, link added to OP. About progress: We are working hard on the Omich-k and another pretty big update.
  8. Of course this turret has colliders! And Infernal Robotics is not suitable as this anti-aircraft gun, which needs to rotate smooth and quick.
  9. Hello everyone! Excuse me, if it's not suitable for this thread, but I think this is the only place where there might be people in the know. The problem is that the seats don't move with the turret. Is there way to make them move or not?
  10. Because Tiangong does not have pipes IRL. The second reason is SM will be look like just as Soyuz engine from tantares. It's alive! Our new Grand Plan is: Omich-K Omich-O Titan II Delta 2 Delta 4 (Possibly) Saturn I and other stuff Regarding to our new texturer, texture for Omich-K is ready! What do you think about this? Antenna added to Omich-K SM.
  11. Ok, I just thought that the problem is in BD-Armory magic. Next time I'll go to the modelling sub forum, sorry:(
  12. Very nice concepts give me a thoughts about manned spacecraft from "Omich" series. Thank you for this! Khm... Yes, I had not thought about this. I'll add special hatches for equipage thansfer. Much thanks for bugreport. Next update will be a little bit uncommon. But at first, tell me, what would be better: to have super-duper realistic textures or BD-armory alike textures for turrets?
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