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  1. I do actually, the Blackwidow Chroma keyboard. Everything worked well, even after closing the game my previous setup went back to normal. It felt very responsive when going on EVA the lighting changed almost immediately.
  2. I'm reporting a bug that's happened to me several times. Whenever I reach the vicinity of Laythe, I always end up either being hurled at the surface at maybe 10,000 m/s or exploding in orbit. I'm not sure if it's just with the other mods I have or something else. Also, it tends to explode more often when I use HyperEdit, and I've already tested it at several different altitudes and still.
  3. Sorry to bother this thread again but is there a lower resolution version for BA V4? If so I would greatly appreciate a link
  4. Thank you so much! I also look forward to V6, I'm sure you'll impress all of us once again
  5. Does anyone have Better Atmospheres V4 still? I've been looking online everywhere for it but cant find it anywhere. I'd really appreciate it if someone helped me