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  1. @FreeThinker Thank you. I merged the pull request, and updated the v1.0.10 release .zip package file.
  2. Ah. I can see that would be problem. By default PersistentThrust is inactive, though it is added to all engine parts. No sense in carrying around that extra code if it isn't necessary. The ModuleManager script could check for known incompatibilities, and not add the mod in those cases. Otherwise, v1.0.9 requires you to add PersistentThrust to engines manually through ModuleManager scripts.
  3. OP here. You are welcome to take it over. I was last working on the 1.0.10 branch, which adds PersistentThrust to all engines by default, and has a GUI toggle switch to activate it for each engine, either in the VAB or controlling a spacecraft. But, you may need to switch out of controlling a spacecraft and back for the toggle to take effect. I hadn't figured that out yet. I recompiled and uploaded a test version here. https://github.com/bld/PersistentThrust/releases/tag/v1.0.10
  4. I have recompiled & tested out the mod with KSP 1.3.0. It should appear on CKAN eventually.
  5. Interesting. I'll look into it. Does that rotate the sail independently of the rest of the spacecraft? The ordinary rotations I do with the KSP controls change thrust direction, as does the Persistent Rotation mod and this one, normally.
  6. Thanks for the fix. I merged it and put out a new v1.0.8 release that includes it. I tested that this works correctly with SolarSailNavigator as well. Does this address the issues we've seen with high acceleration vehicles dropping out of timewarp?
  7. I'm not actually using Toolbar in this mod. You should be able to see a "Show Navigator Controls" toggle button when you right click on a control module that's attached to your spacecraft.
  8. Good to hear. I'm learning how to model new parts, so I can add different sails, small & big. I would like to add some big ones from the literature, like the Halley's Comet rendezvous designs from the 1970s (800 meters wide), current concepts for interstellar precursor missions, and 2-mile wide Martian freighter concepts. Maybe some giant interstellar laser sails.
  9. Glad to hear it! I do plan on adding that functionality, using the orbit states from the preview trajectory. It's one of the most requested features.
  10. The KSP ISP is actually about right for real ion engines. The KSP devs made the thrust so high because the game can't thrust during timewarp. By thrusting at high timewarp for months or years along most of the entire trajectory, they work pretty well. The SolarSailNavigator mod helps with this by scheduling how to steer and throttle the spacecraft, and showing what the future trajectory looks like.
  11. Hey mrsolarsail

    Say, I have idea. I would like tocombine the solar sail with the Beamed Power technology of KSPIthis would potentialy make the Magnetic Sail a whole lote more powerfull, able to operate effectvely at much longer ditance, even able to send probes to nearby stars (sse project srashot. The trick would be to use the nearest beamed power as the origin of  power instead of the sun. Any idea how to achieve that?

    1. mrsolarsail


      Are you working on a charged particle beam? That could work with a magnetic or electric sail. 

  12. I have updated this plugin to work with KSP 1.1 and Unity V. See the 1st page for details:
  13. Thanks. How exactly are you doing this? I'm looking at the source. I can see some differences with my code. https://github.com/sswelm/KSP-Interstellar-Extended/blob/master/FNPlugin/Propulsion/DeadalusEngineController.cs The problem shows up even when I'm not using PersistentEngine. If the thrust is over ~5 kN, it won't enter timewarp. When under 5 kN, it will enter timewarp and shut off the engine. Thus, preventing PersistentEngine from being able to do anything.
  14. It definitely looks like KSP is doing some inconvenient "safety" check that prevents switching to timewarp when the thrust is above ~4kN (I tested with the stock LV-N "Nerv" Atomic Rocket Motor). Any ideas on how I can trick it? Like, temporarily zero out the throttle when the command to switch to timewarp is performed?
  15. Sounds like the same problem Trollception is seeing. Thanks. I'll look into it.
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