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  1. Any possibility of a Citation II cockpit Or the engines from it (I.e. a Juno with thrust reverser?)
  2. Southwest Airlines would be great!
  3. I have been using VSC for the past two years and can definitely say it's great for general programming. If you can think of something, it probably has a plugin/theme for VSC. C# works well, although you'll need a separate compiler if you want to make dlls.
  4. And this is an immediate follow! Thanks for bringing this beautiful thing back @Eskandare!
  5. @Bottle Rocketeer 500 Currently working on one. It has a problem with getting off the ground right now.
  6. @neistridlar How's the 737 cockpit coming along? Also, any possibility of putting it's current progress on the github repo?
  7. Alrighty, y'all. Long time no comment. Now a new aircraft has appeared: the Dasher! A new take on the traditional high-wing twin-turboprop regional airliner, the Dasher brings in new levels of comfort. Warranty void if tailstrike occurs.
  8. @neistridlar C-Series? It looks awesome by the way!
  9. Added a few new craft, including a Concorde replica. Droop Snoot!
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