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  1. JPmAn

    [WIP] Neist Airliner parts

    @neistridlar C-Series? It looks awesome by the way!
  2. JPmAn

    [WIP] Neist Airliner parts

    That’s perfect. Thanks!
  3. Added a few new craft, including a Concorde replica. Droop Snoot!
  4. JPmAn

    [WIP] Neist Airliner parts

    @neistridlar Great job on these parts! The cargo bays are featured on the cargo version of my "Sequoia" craft, which can now transport cargo directly to the south pole. The few things I would ask for are: Half-length cargo fuselages, an IL-18 or 62 cockpit, and possibly a JT-8D
  5. Added a T-6A "Texan II" replica. Have fun with this, Y'all!
  6. Showcase Changelog: 8/14/18: First Post! 8/15/18: Added CP-2000 "Starship"
  7. Hey everyone! I just made a showcase thread for the aircraft I have made with this mod.
  8. Cyclone Aeronautics Aircraft Showcase By JPmAn Cyclone Aerospace is a recently formed company making aircraft for (almost) every need. With our fleet growing, and age *not* showing, these aircraft range from a replica of the T-38, to an old soviet IL-62! Links and pictures are in the spoilers Now to start the actual showcase: CYT5-1 "Talon" CY100 Series: CP10-1 "Trainee" CY101 Series CY200 "Ohgodthisisfast" CT100-1 "Sequoia": CD-8 "Pencil" CY27 "Eagle" CY-750 "[Citation Needed]" CT110-1 "Redwood" CP-2000 "Starship" CT-6A "Geeeeee" CT-220-1 "Concerto" CT-104 "Zip" CT-6 "Old Geeeeee" CT100-1C "Sequoia C"
  9. JPmAn

    [WIP] Neist Airliner parts

    That looks very nice!
  10. JPmAn

    [WIP] Neist Airliner parts

    @neistridlar, Any progress lately? That CF6 looks very nice!
  11. @blackheart612 Is there any possibility of a Mk3S1.5 cockpit and cabin for airplanes? Something that would match the size is a Beechcraft model 1900D.
  12. @blackheart612 Will you be posting the example craft you’ve shown to KerbalX?
  13. JPmAn

    Happy "Test-Flight Tuesday"!

    With my current success with the CT100-1 "Sequoia" that I made, ( ) I have continued with replicas of different aircraft such as the CD-8 "Pencil" And now the CY721 "Eagle" Both have been a joy to fly, but still have quirks to work out like the steering problem with my CY101 "Shortstop". Will not be posting new craft between June 13, and June 23 because I will be away from a computer that can play KSP for that time.
  14. JPmAn

    Test-Flight Tuesday! Very nice plane to fly, but it's slow
  15. JPmAn

    Birchy Aerospace Small Aircraft

    It's a concept, and I just started modelling after a long break. In general, I am also better at programming than art/3D modelling. I will be making a GitHub repo later if anybody wants to help or contribute.