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  1. Commandodiamond

    [1.1.2] TAC - Life Support - Dev Thread

    Is this new version coming to CKAN?
  2. Found a strange bug in RO today. My rocket slowly ascends at a speed of 0.2m/s surface speed, even with the engines off. With the engines on, the speed does not change, even with launch clamps attached. Would anybody mind helping me fix this? MODS: PC SPECS: Lenovo Z50-75, Windows 10 Home edition, Manufacturer: Lenovo FLIGHT LOG: DEBUG LOG:
  3. Where is the RO config for Testflight? I'm unable to find it.
  4. Commandodiamond

    Is Kerbal Stuff down? [2/13/2016]

    Is down for everybody? Its been down for me since 12 in the morning.
  5. Commandodiamond

    [1.0.5] TAC Life Support v0.11.2.1 [12Dec]

    Options to disable the plugin for certain missions? Or Disable Certain Aspects like Food or Water?
  6. Installation guide?
  7. Commandodiamond

    [1.1.2] Kerbin-Side (v1.1.0) & Supplements

    It goes off the screen...
  8. Commandodiamond

    [1.0.5 - Alpha 6] Dang It! (12 september 2015)

    Will there be failures for unmanned crafts? Like they can stop responding for a short amount of time, or they can stop Responding completely (Rare)