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  1. Hi all. I made hatch in Unity, and made it right. But when I want to go in EVA, there appears "Can't exit, hatch is obstructed". It's has height like Mk1-2 pod.
  2. The higher atmosphere it gets - fewer efficiency it has. Lower thrust but the same consumption.
  3. SCRAMjet don\'t work in space. It works on the high altitudes, but in atmosphere.
  4. Hm... I can\'t say realistic is it or no, but it has 150 thrust and 0.7 consumption. I can\'t say that it\'s overpowered.
  5. Yes, but there are a lot of ways how to get stability. 1. Attach it under the COG. 2. Fuel balance. 3. Attach this engines in pairs - one above, one below.
  6. Finally, I did it! I made SCRAMjet Engine, which will bring your space plane to the upper atmosphere. Ignite it at the altitude about 15km and go ascent! I worked on this project in 0.15, but it didn\'t work. But X-7/9 gave me idea that it can work, and I changed model and options. Start work at the 15-20km and ignite your LFEs at 40-45km. Speed at the 40km altitude is about 2000 m/s. Options is fully mine, so I hope that none of you will say that I stole the settings from X - 7/9. Screenshots: Download: http://www./?xcae73i78b50lai
  7. I have been working on X-43 and SCRAMs, but you finished it first In 0.15 SCRAMs not worked, I have tried to make, but X-7/9 prompted me to think that it\'s possible to make it work. But I planned it to make one-part. If you agree to make it one-part, can you give .max file? And I can help with tuning, I have a lot of ideas how to make it fly better.
  8. 'If this topic is still relevant, I\'d suggest that you translate 'apoapsis' and 'perapsis' as '????????' (apotsentr) and '?????????' (peritsentr), respectively. '??????' and '???????' are Russian terms for apogee and perigee which are Earth-specific.' Yes, I forget that. 'I\'d also translate RCS thruster as '????????? ??????????' (Dvigatel\' orientatsii)' RCS thrusters is also used for translations, not only for correct attitude.
  9. It\'s physics bug, it appears always when you fly near other ship. Don\'t turn on SAS/ASAS, and it won\'t spin too fast.
  10. Hi all. I try to rotate part, but it rotates during one frame. I use this code: radiator.transform.RotateAround(transform.TransformPoint(-0.1512936f, -2.551146f, -0.1989309f), transform.TransformDirection(Vector3.left), -50.0f); But if I\'ll use this code: radiator.transform.RotateAround(transform.TransformPoint(-0.1512936f, -2.551146f, -0.1989309f), transform.TransformDirection(Vector3.left), -50.0f*Time.deltaTime); There will be change only angle - it becomes 10 times less. How to rotate part during some seconds?
  11. node_stack_bottom = x, y, z, x1, y1, z1, size x1, y1, z1 parameters define up-vector. It means that in this config 0,0,0,0,1,0 - y-axis will go up. if x1 = 1, and y1=z1=0, x-axis will be go up. In Unity y goes up, x right, z - forward.
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