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  1. <sets the pitchfork down><douses the torch> Finally! Finally the porkjet revamp is addressed. I am fine with other bits and bobs taking the stage first, but, moreover i am overjoyed to see that they will be gotten to at some point.
  2. Glad the fact they finally mentioned them directly shows they will be adressed again.
  3. <cracks his neck, lets out a slow breath> @Deddly I hope i picked up a misheard tone, but, for the record: i find the lack of ANY word, even if its just a "hey guys we hear you, stay tuned" disturbing. I NEVER suggested anyone sue. But the fact remains advertising features then switching from everyone gets to you get if you mod can be seen as dishonest at best. i for one, on public record want to see it stock and am appalled its not stock and only available as a mod. Why? Everyone deserves equal access to the revamp, but not everyone can mod or refuses to or are at a hard cap on mods they can use and thusly are excluded. Feels almost elitist to me. Do I hope it becomes stock? Absolutely. Do I advocate a suit over this? No. Do I see how one COULD happen? Yes. Again it feels like you twisted my point. I hope I am wrong.
  4. Truth in Advertising also covers features of a product. As such official communications making claims of specific features being advertised as becoming stock items are covered by these laws. As such this issue technically qualifies.
  5. @Kerbart They ADVERTISED & hyped porkjets revamp as being STOCK. They then made them a mod. You know as well as i do, some people cant or wont mod. Scoff if it makes you happy, but do not ignore truth for what it is.
  6. The fact they are saying nothing is far worse. They are as a point of fact leaving themselves open to false advertising litigation by not addressing this. Squad claimed, hyped and stated porkjets revamps on rocket parts were to be stock. They then made them a mod and went silent. This is a path to litigation on what looks to be false advertising. Not opinion but fact.
  7. Still no mention on the made full stock of porkjets rocket part revamp....disconcerting to say the least.
  8. With the correct applications of patience, diligence one can have any telemetry one wants from mechjecb. Why bother with ker when it cant fly? Why bother with threads like this anyway. Doesnt matter how ANYONE plays. Period
  9. Not everyone can or is willing to run mods. Some must be more picky with what mods they run than a person with food allergies at a buffet serving only allergenic foods. Tldr: mods =\= always the answer. Making as many mods stock as reasonable would go a long way. Weather or even just clouds is just 1 example.
  10. False Advertising is described as: Deceptive advertising, also known as false advertising, refers to a manufacturer's use of confusing, misleading, or blatantly untrue statements when promoting a product." This means, that, it COULD be construed that Squad in hyping the rocket part revamp by Porkjet, that they were advertising a feature to be expected. Porkjet has left. Both these statements, no one will deny as truth, in that, Squad made such hype public and the aforementioned departure from the team of Porkjet. This means, that, if they never include them as anything other than a mod, this is deceptive advertising, as they did at some point claim these revamps as stock additions. It is all how it is perceived. And there ARE people out there that have nothing better to do than burn money, however, I am NOT one such person. I am however, the type of person to point this kind of issue out. Disclaimer: My words are my own opinion. It is NOT my responsibility to make you like, dislike or take no notice of my words. Your reaction dear reader, is YOUR reaction and YOUR responsibility.
  11. You can make custom windows with just the data you need. Cuts clutter way down. Fwiw i typically have 2-3 max open if that many, but we each do what works which is pretty sweet if you ask me happy flyin jim
  12. And the way you play is an excellent way to play, takes math skills and patience I personally lack, but that's not the point. the point is: I think it's safe to say the majority of us are sick of the constant threads of MJ is cheating or ker is superior. When you break it down function for function ker is MJ with out automation. Further making MJ stock ends these threads completely. That's the point. As an example we have sepratrons stock, but you don't have to use them. Making mechjeb stock =\= must use. Just sayin.
  13. Not bothering to see if someone pointed this out already to you. Squad licensed ksp to flying tiger. FT is responsible for patching a port. Also conspicuous lack of information on rocket part revamp. Hackles are up. Faith is gone.
  14. @Oafman Had something super similar. Go into Steam, verify integrity. If what afflicted me, then this will sound familiar: steam did NOT auto update (assuming yours is on like mine) and when you verify integrity 1300+ files will fail and need to be reacquired. Once done, it will load. Hope I helped!