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  1. Congrats to 1.1.! But could it be that you forgot the Gimini in the parts folder?
  2. Looks Awesome! I like the window placement a lot. Sincere condoglianze about not having over 1000 pages
  3. [quote name='Beale']In-Game. Very useful parts, at the very least fun ready-made orbital tug. [URL]http://puu.sh/lsu1I/b1bff90c09.jpg[/URL] [URL]http://puu.sh/lstZu/3e924e8cc0.jpg[/URL] [URL]http://puu.sh/lsu0S/aeb268b033.jpg[/URL] [URL]http://puu.sh/lsu2a/bf18914b67.jpg[/URL] [URL]http://puu.sh/lsu2G/9edf9322ba.jpg[/URL] [URL]http://puu.sh/lsu6x/1869dcae43.jpg[/URL][/QUOTE] Hi Beale, I have a quick Question: Were this new parts included in the latest release, or will they come in one of the next versions?
  4. [quote name='Nansuchao']Are you using KSP 64 bit hack? In that case, no one can really help you. The 64 bit version of Unity 4 (the KSP engine) is really unstable, with unpredictable bugs. No one can help you, and also modders doesn't take support request for 64 bit version... Btw, with your mods, you doesn't need 64 bit hack, but you can use the stable 32 bit, with Open-GL or DX11 and ATM.[/QUOTE] Thanks for your answer. I reverted to 32 bit and it [I]seems [/I]to function again.. for now. I really did not think that KSP would even run with this many mods, so I "hacked" the
  5. Ok I did it the other way around and deleted every mod, but the bug continued. Then I loaded the oldest Backup-Savefile and the error was gone. Loading the next Savefile, the Bug reappered. Here is the Output-log: [URL]http://filebin.ca/2NQ7WX3Y36PT/output_log.txt[/URL] What i manly did inbetween those two savefiles: i wanted my facilities upgradet to the highest level, because 64bit KSP made it sometimes impossible to upgrade them. I got into the savefile and changed: [QUOTE]name = ScenarioUpgradeableFacilities scene = 5, 6, 7, 8 SpaceCenter/LaunchPad
  6. [quote name='Nansuchao']In your case I can't find the reason of the issue. I suggest to remove the mods one by one, beginning from the unupdateds and find which one is causing this issue.[/QUOTE] Thanks, i will try that today. Please keep your fingers crossed vor me :rolleyes:
  7. [quote name='Arsonide']You have a great deal of exceptions in your log, a good chunk of which are from PlanetShine. I can't pinpoint exactly which one is causing your issue, but it is probably a cumulative effect of some sort.[/QUOTE] Do you think removing PlanetShine will solve the problem? I dont have Science alert, as Nansuchao mentioned, ...
  8. Hi i´d like to report a bug, It seems that i can´t transmit any science from an experiment, that would give more science-points, if recovered od Kerbin. I [B]can [/B]however transmit it if i get the same amount of science with transmitting or recovering. Example: Crew Reports or DMagic Orbital Science Magnometer Scan. KSP: 1.0.5. (build 1028) Problem: Cannot transmit science in career-mode save game (it works in a new started science-save-game) Mods: Toolbar AB_Launchers Bluedog_DB CHatterer Contares ContractConfiguarator DistantObject DMagicOrbitalScience DPSoundFX En
  9. [quote name='Beale']A truss that you can put Kerbals inside. [URL]http://puu.sh/lofsv/dae8c1989c.jpg[/URL] I really admire the "airlock greeble" in the Stockalike Station Parts Expansion, though not to outright steal that design - I may add something similar, maybe a mechanical lever, etc. [URL]http://puu.sh/lofw4/708545c983.jpg[/URL] Edit: More conventional door design. [URL]http://puu.sh/lofOP/a4c3995e2c.jpg[/URL] Working with micro-textures is very fun. [COLOR=#FFFFFF]I haven't had a contiguous nights sleep for two months now, can you tell?[/COLOR] [URL]http://puu.
  10. I get nullreferencepoint exeption spams when I try to launch either Cacteye or Fungeye telescopes: [QUOTE] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at CactEye2.CactEyeOptics.OnUpdate () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at Part.ModulesOnUpdate () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at Part.Update () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 (Filename: Line: -1) [/QUOTE] are there any dependencies other then distant object enhancement, that might cause this? VDS camera Mod perhaps?
  11. Hi rbray89, thanks for updating. The new EVE does work in 1.0.5. but it does not show in the title-screen of the game. Confused me to the point were i completly reinstalled KSP before actually​ checking in game if it works or not
  12. Hi Beale, first let me wish you a nice hiatus. secondly: apperently the exeptions did not come from your mod, it seems to be a KSP bug and theres a workaround for that: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/126462-1-0-4-Parachutes-throwing-exceptions/page4 @curtquarquesso: seemed to be a one time bug, i can´t reproduce it..
  13. Hi Beale, i just noticed that i get fps-killing null-reference-exceptions with everyone of your parts that have parachutes in it. In the VAB, SPH and in Flight. Also the HAMAL Docking compartment A and Habitation A are scaled wrong with the latest tweakscale config of curtquarquesso. My gamedata folder contains only Tantares, TantaresLV, 000_Toolbar and Tweakscale, but it is not a clean install (that a will test on the weekend). P.S.: The Duna-Lander looks really retro-sci-fi!
  14. ummm instructions unclear... your download contains only CFG and MU files... what do I do with them? how can i see and test the parts ingame? (<-- noob-question?) BUT: It definatly looks awesome!!!
  15. Yes please! As long as it´s simple and beautiful, I think it could be a part of Tantares.
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