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  1. Is it possible to loose the modulo on the true anomaly, so it goes 359, 360, 361? or translate the "seam" 180 degrees from the termination condition?
  2. thanks! I read the Solar System Edge tute, genetic algos, cool. I better play around first...
  3. @Arrowstar it looks awesome! Am I reading your 1.6.7 note above correctly? It sounds like you have added the backward propagation which will make trajectories coming out of MFMS "more digestible" by MA and LDV, and that they way it's done also makes it easier for MFMS to find the flybys in the first place? If that is so then it's likely that using backward propagating segments could find flybys that were missed before? I've been early waiting till I get a chance to play with LVD to optimizing an ascent with constraints on G and aero forces, now I can add flybys to my list...
  4. Nice work! I had a go also, it should be a challenge thread, a whole series of Von Braun Style (like Apollo Style challenges) https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/27292-what-did-you-do-in-ksp-today/&do=findComment&comment=2397476 Hyper edited to LKO, and took it from there
  5. oh thanks! hmm UDA contracts? is this thrown for any contract or even if you have no contracts? maybe part of the games contract processing checks UDA agency? can you give me some specific recreate steps?
  6. 1 - deleting the unwanted shouldn't do any harm, just renaming the .cfg s to .cfgx or something should work. 2 - that's right. There are resource definition and some "constants" in the Soylent root directory for reference. The actual values are in the parts .cfg 3 - sorry don't know 4 - oh, I didn't notice it was, I'll try to remember to look at that next time I'm touching the mod. Maybe the @category ?
  7. @Maxamillion-x72 glad you got it sorted. I don't have the skills or time to model my own parts.
  8. Re the Dynetics lander: This seems to say FHCore and F9e put the upper stage at 2.5 km/s horizontal (ignore vertical and payload for now). I guess the max velocity is reuse reentry limited. Anyway it's about 11.5 km/s from there to lunar surface or 8,930 to Gateway. Ignore that the to LEO burn will be lossy for now. (5.3 to LEO, 3.2 to TLI, either( 430 to Gateway or ( 1.1 for LOI, 1.9 to surface))) A 111,500 kg methalox stage would land 5 ton of dry mass, or send 10 ton to Gateway. Could one eliminate the upper stage altogether by having Dynetics lander components be the upper stage engines and add some more drop tanks for the circularization and TLI. (ignore geometry for now). Have one F9e + engine quad fly the can and structure and another fly prop to Gateway and assemble it there. Upper stage makes sense for Sats, but the lander is supposed to do sizable dV with reusable engines of reasonable thrust (though it may well not have enough to circularize...) why waste 4 ton dry mass holding lower isp prop?
  9. They are advertising for propellant fluid engineers and main engine pump engineers with cryo & hydrocarbon fluids experience. I'm guessing methane oxygen.
  10. @GDorn The mod also has some "dark" parts that run on e, like you suggest bioreactors with LEDs. They we borked by some KSP model changes but I restored them in the most recent version of the mod.
  11. Hi @sarbian thanks for all the great work on an essential mod! I thought to pass on something that came up for me when I was making MechVal, a bunch of kOS scripts that help you generate large sets of maneuvers to support low thrust trajectory construction. MechJeb wants to match deltaV for the maneuver, but if you are doing Pe kicks the most important thing to match is Ap because that determines the orbit period and ensures that you are in the right place at the right time for the next kick. I guess there might be a similar effect for interplanetary transfers. Low thrust maneuvers have more off-prograde error so this effect matters more the lower your thrust. Anyway thanks again to you and anyone else making MechJeb so useful.
  12. thanks for the feedback @majNUN! sorry for the late updates, I've been distracted with study.
  13. useful everywhere - batteries and RTG for the outer plannets Eeloo for 4.29 ton? ion vacuum craft under the fairing or larger with TAC-LS
  14. cool thanks @DDE like https://www.quora.com/How-do-astronauts-get-inside-the-Soyuz-spacecraft I guess do closest approach outside! selfie time...