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  1. Remember to flare out while trying to land VTOl - kill translational velocity first and then descend
  2. Kinda reminds me of the setup for "The Martian". If you haven't read it, read it.
  3. The colours are expected, as the IVA isn't finished, so there aren't any textures. Are you using RPM for IVA? Nothing really works without it.
  4. Awesome job! Though I do see how Coop nearly died test flying it, as FAR does NOT like to play nice with it. It basically wants to fly backwards all the time. EDIT: Uninstalled FAR, works better now. It has a tendency to pitch up as the center of mass shifts backwards, and the torque can't cope, so I doubled the torque on the ranger body, and it plays nicer now. The left engine has a lower ISP than the right engine (3100s vs 4100s), so I changed that as well. EDIT: Last time I edit, I promise. I've updated the CFGs, and they are downloadable here. It has everything else with it, so just extract it to your gamedata folder. This is entirely unofficial, I just wanted to help those who can't help themselves
  5. The thrust limiter is set to 0. Set it back up to 100 and it works fine.
  6. Dailey1082 already put up screenshots of doing that, look at them to see how to do it. It is a relatively simple way of doing it, and gets the job done without having to play with the cfgs.
  7. All the way to Ike, was about to touch down. Pressed G. Nothing. Pressed it again. No landing legs. Certain four letter words were said.
  8. Nassault's stuff is always sock knocking. No assurance needed!
  9. You can use a pass-through capture device that doesn't write to the hard disk, meaning that it doesn't slow down your computer. But they are pretty expensive. Not that I'm trying to force you to make a cinematic. I would never be so....cunning
  10. The landers use quite a bit of fuel during an ssto ascent, so maybe that? I don't mind, as it's nice to have limitations, but I can see that it might be difficult to use them when escaping from eve or something, or when doing multiple shuttle flights for cargo. The RCS is a little off centre, so the lander rotates during lateral translation, but that's easily compensated for by the reaction wheels. Otherwise I'm super pumped and the endurance is in a parking orbit waiting for the rangers to be able to dock!
  11. Yeah, left with 0.5 LFO at the end of a Munar landing + return mission. Tension was high.
  12. Could there be something that you can do with the CFGs that would allow that? Like add the resources and modules?
  13. The endurance assembly (3 hab modules, 1 command pod, ring structure, 4 utility modules, 4 fuel assemblys and four engine assemblys) totals 17 parts, but I doubt it'll reach anywhere near 100 parts with two rangers, two landers and however many docking ports.
  14. I don't know if this really counts 'cos it isn't stock, but the DT Vista Inertial Fusion engine from KSP interstellar is ridiculous.