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  1. well i expected spacedock to handle it but i dont think it has Thanks for the feedback, im working on getting some things up and running. due to my eagerness and my tenderfootedness at coding in general it may take longer than anticipated to get things into a fixed state.
  2. http://spacedock.info/mod/714/Civilian%20Populations%20Revived <<< That's literally the hyperlink embed url
  3. Hello Nathan, i was wondering if it would be possible to have the tanks for Real Fuels in a separate mod so that way they can be introduced into other mods. Im currently reviving Civilian Populations and there are some unused assets, Namely these massive spherical storage tanks that don't store anything. I really like the power that Real fuels gives you when it comes to filling your tanks up; you can choose, specifically, how much you want to store based upon how much space you have in a tank. I feel like if someone knew exactly what they wanted in a tank but didn't exactly agree with the choi
  4. Thanks for the heads up! Now its just there wasting space apparently XD Ill Look into it, im going to do alot more focused development tomorrow hopefully.
  5. have you verified that it isnt some form of conflict or memleak with a single mod? im sure when you have MM apply 12k patches its probably pretty rough to find which batch causes the fail.
  6. uhh 64bit is pretty stable with UE 5 so i hear. recommend you give it a try some people have never crashed, some people crash rarely now
  7. Im warming up to this idea more as i understand more and more of the context of the situation. maybe like a few gigantors like 2-4
  8. Any Feedback i can get in terms of balancing is invaluable so keep it coming my way!
  9. Sounds like a good Idea, but i would also need to implement an interstellar config to make it run off of MW power when the mod is detected. My reasoning for that is because using some of the generators you can generate obscene amounts of EC. I guess i can make it take up like 90% of the load of the large reactor. i need to figure out how i would go about revising the code from regolith to stock. Probably somewhere in the api i can take a looksie at that.
  10. Also, yes, i did update it the 1.7.4 Version.
  11. well my thing is if your using EL then you probably using KAS and KIS, At which point you can make alot of them and connect them altogether. of course im thinking of a groundbase where you have that flexibility. Or am i just not understanding how EL workshops work?
  12. For the love of the god emperor of mankind give me Anything within reason. Anything i can use to further the development would be a godsend. If you actually have some way of talking via a voice chat i would love to talk with you about where you were headed and what you've done this far!
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