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  1. Around 350 hours, I have very little time to play video games, only Minecraft clocks more (around 500)
  2. You are escaping Kerbin's gravity. To get into a proper orbit try this technique: 1. Fly straight up until about 10Km 2. At 10Km turn your ship to a 45 degree angle (look on the naviball) 3. Exit to map view and wait till your AP is 100Km 4. Once the AP reaches 100Km cut your engines 5. Create a manuever at your AP 6. Burn the manuever 7. Congratz, you're in orbit
  3. Challenge Complete! Sadly, I couldn't take any screenshots because I'm using Windows 8.1 on a laptop , but I'll give you some statistics I wrote down My AP was 401,831 and my PE was 401,343. It's ok if you don't put me and the leaderboards, but if you post me in the astronauts list I'd be greatly appreciated.
  4. ksp zoon ksp zn(oh)2 ksp zoom in hangar ksp zones
  5. ksp is equal to ksp is awesome ksp is shielded false ksp is what???
  6. So, what does your browser suggest for Ksp related searches? I'll go first On google searching "Ksp was" Results: When was Ksp made? ksp was ist Mechjeb ksp 0.23 was ist neu ksp ra gmbh was tun P.S. Make sure you put a space after your search or the results won't be accurate
  7. Nice challenge, I'm going for a 240Km orbit later today, I'll post screenshots later
  8. The "World Oil Crisis" is gonna be the like the technological developments during the Cold War. If humanity is pressured, technology usually rapidly advances.
  9. Would it be possible per say that an asteroid enters Kerbin's SOI and somehow uses the Mun''s gravity to slow it down into a stable Kerbin orbit?
  10. Sadly, I don't think there is any easy way without doing a bunch of configing. I recommend starting a new career save .
  11. Probably because of the hypetrain yesterday...
  12. Yes, RoverDude said he fixed the bug and will release it in the next patch. (1.0.1) I'm also expecting contract fixes based on the number of contract bugs reported