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  1. Hello @MAFman, you can try this awesome mod : [WIP][1.10.x] Rocket Sound Enhancement v0.5.3 - Unmuted
  2. Do the struts stay in place when you place them in EVA? For me, when I go back to the KSC and go back to my station, the rods disappear.
  3. KSP 1.10 & scatterer Before, with the Scatterer 0.0610 dll : And now, with the new dll : Thank you @blackrack ! !
  4. You can minimize it, but it will still be there. It's a Scatterer issue with Duna that is a very small planet with a lot of relief. When you minimize it can see another similar artefact, a sort of line without any scattering.
  5. Yes it's a work that takes time, mostly with KSP. You right, take your time to make a polished mod like you know how to do it. Thank you to spend your time on it, and for your motivation.
  6. @The White Guardian, glad to see you again on your topic ! I've recently tested KS3P during your absence with the clusta's patches. I was a user of Reshade there's a long ago and I was leave it because there was some troubles (that your mod don't have). I think your mod is a musthave ! One regret: Not finding it sooner.
  7. I was tested the 6.1 without your patch and I've seen that there something like switch automatically between scene but it didn't work. With your patch it's working well, thank you. In 1.8.0 and your 6.1.1, the dirt texture doesn't work like expected. I will test your new patch, thank you again for it. ( Fortunatly that scenes don't switch by itself, it would be a hell of a mess )
  8. Hello ! This mod is better than Reshade or ENB filters because it don't touch to the UI. This is a very good point ! I've got a question that could add another good point to this mod: Is it possible to switch automaticly between scene with it ?
  9. Hello guys, The work around is about Regional Format of Windows. You can still play in your language if you want. This will change your date and hour format in Windows only. To do that: Open your Windows tab (completely left in the taskbar) Open Settings (notched wheel) Click on Time & Language Click on Region Under the “Regional format” section, use the drop-down menu to set it to "English (United States)" Ofcourse, the words in bold and underline will be in your language ... I hope this will help someone while waiting for t
  10. @TheYear2525, I think @Ser talking about his test version. Read his post and you will understand. (Click on "Ser replied to a topic") Personally, I will test it. I would like so much that this mod works properly.
  11. Hello @Shadowmage , happy to see you here and that you approve of this mod. I've PM you in june 11, but I never had an answer, so I told myself: he will see it when he will see it. To answer you: Yes, I create new mettalic maps for all stock parts involved by my mod.
  12. Well, the intial release is done. You can download it here.
  13. @pizzaoverhead Happy to see you didn't give up this nice mod! Thank you!
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