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  1. Hello @Shadowmage , happy to see you here and that you approve´╗┐ of this mod. I've PM you in june 11, but I never had an answer, so I told myself: he will see it when he will see it. To answer you: Yes, I create new mettalic maps for all stock parts involved by my mod.
  2. Well, the intial release is done. You can download it here.
  3. @pizzaoverhead Happy to see you didn't give up this nice mod! Thank you!
  4. Thank you @Nightside for your advices and the guide link. I think I'll choose a Creative Commons license.
  5. VSSP is a set of settings for Textures Unlimited mod, made by texturing. Why by texturing? Because in most cases we need this method to get further details. With this method we can use diferent settings in a single mesh, that we can't do with a text settings. A file with text settings already exit for stock parts, it was made by @Electrocutor and it can be found in Electrocutor's Thread. My setting can be use alongside of this "Original Stock TU Patch" from Electrocutor. It's even recommended, cause my VSSP is not yet complete. (WIP ...) It will recommended even ultimately, because some parts don't need to be set with further details. (like structural parts fully metal with a single color) This is some pics to see what it's all about: Full Album Download: Github Dependencies : Textures Unlimited by @Shadowmage Licence :
  6. very cool texturing on the command pod. i have just about figured out how you did it but i still don't know how to go about making the MetallicGlossMap. any pointers would be helpful. thanks

    1. Vandest


      Hello Ooop,

      What do you want to know exactly? Do you read this post?

      If yes, tell me where you need more informations.

  7. Yes, I thought about it. But, of course, it should be in separate download and like for stock parts, it should be just a textures replacement (not an addition), so it will have to be compatible with old and new save game. Like @Shadowmage explained, it's possible to see result in Unity, but I prefer to see what the render is in KSP, both in VAB/SPH and outdoor on tarmac, the light is different. And this for each parts. It working well for me too in 1.4.3 (glcore).
  8. It's only for the MK1-3 pod, this is the only one which have a glow texture with an alpha channel and in addition this one is black, certainly a mistake of Squad, not a bug from your mod. Currently, all I need working like clockwork but if it happen to me, I'll let you know. My only problem is that it takes time, it going slowly but surely. I hope I'll got to a point to share my work shortly (1 or 2 weeks), at that time I will give you the link of forum thread. I appreciate the offer, thank you.
  9. No, I use only one shader (SSTU/PBR/Metallic) but with different settings for different location of part. This is why it isn't possible with a text config only, in this pod case we need to use some textures to apply different settings on the same part. Also, this is why I say that my work is complementary to @Electrocutor one and it's not the same. In some cases "TexturesUnlimited_Stock.cfg" is sufficient and we don't need more, but in others cases we need a texture to use different settings to the same mesh. It's also to help to understand this I share this MK1-3 pod settings, it's a single part and you can see easily how and what we can do that with. In MK1-3 pod case, I use 4 textures: Diff: For RGB colors of part (In most of case we don't need it, but for MK1-3 pod I need it to change foil aspect under the pod) GLOW: For windows lights (We need a new one to use the Metallic shader. Otherwise, with the stock glow texture, the lights don't work anymore) NRM: Normal map for rivets. MET: This is here we get settings that interests us! Red Channel: Metallic settings Blue & Green Channel: Blank Alpha channel: Smoothness settings And to apply this textures, we need a config file (In my case is TU_config.cfg). Thank you again to @Shadowmage to give us this amazing mod !
  10. Hello T.U ! I'm working now on textures config to improve the T.U stock config of @Electrocutor, that is already very good but some parts need to be more shinny and other less for my taste, and this is not feasible with a simple text config. In addition, I want old and new save stay compatible with my textures config, like T.U stock config of Electrocutor. This is why I use only stock part variant when stock parts use it and I nerver use KSPTextureSwitch (even it's better, there some other config mod use it very well). For e.g, this is my MK1-3 pod: If you want to see how it looks in game, you can download my texture config here: Vandest-TU_Stock-Config.rar Actually, I've made about between 20 and 30 parts but I share only this Mk1-3 pod and I will share all of my texture config as soon as I think it's good to and sufficient numbers.
  11. @Burning Kan Thank you to try to give me an answer but like you can imagine I've already gone to this wiki... @blowfish Thank you for this quick reply, your answer is clear even if I expected a solution, at least I know it isn't possible now and I will stop to search in this way. I didn't thought to look in issues list, next time I will look into.
  12. Hello, Is there a way to remove a key with specific value? I know how to remove a specific key with index but it would be safer and faster to remove it by its value. I tried something like this (but it remove all key...): Node { name = NodeName key = A key = B key = C key = D . . . key = Z } @Node[NodeName] { !key[D] = remove }
  13. Well done! I hadn't thought to look into 1.4.0 and I've build my own. If I had thought it, I would have saved my time... Otherwise, I wonder what the hell they could have been thinking when they decided to use two models in the same object, they don't know what we can do in cfg parts?? And, the cherry on top, they don't use the good name in game object choice by using "Rockomax_64" instead of "Rocko64". This new Jumbo was really made by throw it in (and without any test). (A little minor mistake has crept into your model, some names of texture in material are wrong and result some error in log)
  14. Ah ok, that's what I thought it was. Thank you very much for your quick reply.