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  1. Perhaps a manifest display out put in the main screen as a button maybe. transfers and lights etc.
  2. Fusion engines how to tank water is my kolony roadblock
  3. I just want to water my trees in the aerponics mods
  4. I need water Surely some where is a tank I can fill with water for the aeroponics modules?
  5. Docking has always been a real pain but Mech Jeb is the best.
  6. Getting a water tank to my aeroponics module
  7. Hey All, My Jebediah has made Admiral and retired to His newest creation Jebediah's Gateway Emporium being constructed always bigger and better . Here are some of his ships. Merlin
  8. I can and do run 2 copies of KSP at the same time on the same machine which is one I built. For the geeks {an AMD 3.8 mhz quad core w/ 16 gigs of ddr3 dual pathway sitting on 10 terra bytes w/ 4 monitors} I fly the missions with one and design ships with the other. And a great grampa too.
  9. Hello All, Is there any way to link two running copies of KSP 1.0.4 like both running in parallel worlds but they want to meet. .....both play in the same world Or use dual monitors to run both ships docking each its own monitor complete What I would love to see linking {thru LAN or cables} so my grandson & I can play a game together when he is a 1000 miles away. ...a control panel for the lights on/off patterns switches for each. .... can we transfer Kerbals with out evac build a sta then fill with kerbals Thanks for your time ...You all have done a great job Thanks from a great daughter is a grandmother hehe Merlin
  10. Hello everyone, I have been Kerballing for a couple of years and love the depth and accuracy of this system. My system is a 3.8 gig quad sys with 16 gigs of ddr 3 duals and 6 terrabytes running up to 4 monitors. My suggestion is to use 2 monitors To allow both ships in a docking maneuver to be displayed and controlled. and /or display multiple views. The new version has a few bugs and an error report that will tell us if the problem is in our computer's ability like video cards or such. current reports are beyond me the actual problems. Also a control panel for the lighting would be real nice. Thanks for your time great job so far Squad. Merlin
  11. "KSP is beyond awesome with multiple monitors.???" I have 4 monitors and want to use them in KSP how can I do that? "Well, you could use a multiplayer mod to have two instances of ksp running with the same world instance." Do you know the name of the Mod to allow this? I slapped together a fast 3.8ghz quad with 16gig ddr3 duals and runs both fine never to two shall meet?
  12. I like the tree structure of a control panel Programmable of course.
  13. No the U key is for all reguardless. "or just a centralized control panel that lets you easily select them?" yes a control panel to end the right click to turn it on or off in flight
  14. A built in lighting control panel for in flight such that the pilot can turn on or off (in any color) every light on the ship. Perhaps a unique # for each light and name-user supplied similar to the Infernal Robotics IR control system does for hinges & docking washers. The going around and right clicking on each one is just wrong. Thanks