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  1. I don't seem to have a way to access the new suits. How are they unlocked? I started a new save file and no new suits.
  2. I'm not quite sure if this problem has come up yet, but whenever I try to launch from any pad other than the stock KSC pad it will either bring me back to the building selection or will focus on a specific pad without any rocket on it or any possibility to launch.
  3. Do you plan on also making an IVA replacement for the Mk1 Inline Cockpit?
  4. Are the Heisenberg writings supposed to stay there ad not be able to be turned off? If no, then I have to recheck my texture switcher
  5. I have a slight problem and that is that the heatshield is roughly 2.5 m diameter and the shell is 3.75 m diameter. There might be something wrong with my install but I can send you a pic http://imgur.com/a/mkant
  6. Nice looking helo Kinda resembles a Sikorsky-ish one
  7. I was having the same problem, just not on Ike but on Kerbin. It turns to Prograde and kills the whole crew
  8. How are the rotors and cockpits coming along?
  9. Hi id like to join my discord name is @Polaris_Jay #3143 Thanks Guys Polaris EDIT: The invitation seems to be expired
  10. Hello Kerbonauts, Since I have been introduced to Discord a few days ago, I wondered if anyone might be interested in a KSP-Server with different sub-servers. This could be used to discuss designs and get live feedback or maybe even chat while playing. What do think about this idea. Let me know Polaris
  11. Does anyone know Discord? If so, you can all join to my server United Space Travel Inc. (https://discord.gg/DBPVbqA) I'd love to see you there.
  12. Is this mod compatible with KSP v.1.2.1? I might be oblivious that this question was already asked
  13. How did you gert the texture on the right rotor to load? Or do I have to download the newest update?
  14. I've been having this problem that the camera of my cockpit view is placed in a way that it glitches through the outer hull. What can I do?
  15. Okay, this is an idea I just got. Would it be possible somehow to make the doors on the VAB and SPH work? You could make it so that when you land a plane or helicopter you can take the kerbals and go with them to these doors and then they get placed back into the selection menu but the vessels stay outside. That would be a cool feature.
  16. It seems that I have a problem with the KerbalStuff download link. I try to open it and it loads for 10 minutes and doesn't open the page.
  17. Did you use any specific setting for the tail rotor? I had it happen to me once that TCA kept spinning my helicopter from one side to the other
  18. Great mod. I like the helicopter especially
  19. Okay, it was interfering with IVA Upgrade. Fixed that but it still doesn't show the instruments http://imgur.com/a/Fgp4k
  20. https://imgur.com/a/tphvE This is where you can find the picture (Disclaimer: Forgot how to add imgur pics again)
  21. Actually, I tried it again again and surprise it worked now. So I guess they have to face downwards.
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