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  1. Love the mod, was actually looking for this. Two possible suggestions: Maybe add the kick upperstage with the curie engine. And if possible add ckan support.
  2. heyy, first of i all i love the planet pack but i have run into one small issue:in my game the ground station node for remote-tech is located on the opposite side of the planet in relation to the space center any ideas on how to fix this? edit: sorry i saw the comment at the top of the place
  3. great writing a real joy to read, very compelling storytelling:)
  4. i woul really like to use this but the wings don't create any lift for me (no FAR OR NEAR) it also shows this in the SPH. could you please help me fix this?
  5. my game crashed lately but that is not the problem, the was in the output_log.txt file it said it was using the Intel® HD Graphics 4000 gpu (build-in with cpu) instead of my Nvidia gt 710m i looked it up in the Nvidia config panel which said KSP should be using the Nvidia gpu does anyone know if it's really using the intel gpu? and if so how i can get it to switch to my nvidia gpu
  6. i always loved this mod but i am kinda waiting for a new ckan release, do i need to wait a long time?
  7. many thanks! i was really looking for something that had these features
  8. the log file: and somehow ksp wouldn't take screenshots..... trying to fix now (aswell) EDIT: i found the problem although idon't know why it is the problem: normally i download the game from steam and copy the complete game folder to my program files, the copy i use for mods the one from steam i ussually leave clean (as i did before i tried this fix). i fixed the problem by instead of using the copy for remote tech, i now used the steam original and for one reason or the other it worked. (yay!) but thx for all the support guys
  9. my path is exactly that and the .dll is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\RemoteTech\Plugins
  10. heyy, i have a problem with RT namely it doesn't do anything, i only get the parts but the rest of the mod doesn't work which is shame. i run on a completely clean install so other mods are not a problem. could anyone please help?
  11. heyy, i need some help, this mod doesn't work for me at all: with the experiments i don't get a right click menu and with the rest i can at the most choose to do a crew report (but there is no addional info like kibbals per day) does anyone know how to fix this? i would really like this mod to function