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  1. That one is, orbit most likely isn't, unless you roll out unfueled and load on the pad.
  2. You should definately tool the parts for the first sounding rockets, it will help a lot with build speed and if you launch a couple of them in different directions you should end up with some money and science to do the first upgrades. Also get an upgraded pad building as soon as you can, you will need it for the required distance contract to get orbit contracts.
  3. There is a "experimental" install for 1.6.1 on the github wiki. As far as I can see it works. Ramping up to manned moon missions at the moment.
  4. You can just put the whole rollout cost formula between brackets ans add a *0.15 to it. For build time, just add more build points, thats where most of my money went, after science building upgrades. In my current save (which I cant open cause the game does a CTD when I try to load) I think I have 2 build rates at about 15 points and 1 on 7ish. I think I can churn out a moon landing mission every 6 to 8 months with that. One of the biggest cost drivers is human rated stuff, also I never use the premade tanks. You could try replicating it with PP and see what the build cost and time is for that.
  5. Yeah, rollout costs are pretty crazy in rp-1. My solution was to cut them to 15%. You can edit the rollout cost formula in the KCT options. To compensate I tool all procedural parts. I almost never use the premade tanks. My reasoning behind it is, you basicly cant build a tank without tooling (well you can but it's hard). A 15% rollout cost gets me to about 200k rollout for a saturnV, with a tooled VAB cost of about 150k (first time tooling costs like 2m for the whole thing). That way you actually make some money doing manned contracts, otherwise your entire manned program will run at a giant loss beyond your first moon landing and progression to something like manned Mars becomes near impossible. Sure a lot of people would disagree with cutting rollout costs this much, but I prefer building and flying stuff, and not go completely broke on a single failed launch.
  6. @New Horizons Not a really quick reply but I'm pretty sure you can just set an entrycost = xxx in a mm patch, just refer to the right part.
  7. "Liquidengine" doesn't really work in rp1. The costs are set in a spreadsheet which is used by rp1 to create a config for all parts. It can be edited directly but you need to use python for that. What you can do is make a "final" mm patch ro change the config for an engine after rp1has set its configs. For an example on how to do that look in the realisru github. It has a config file to add parts to the tech tree. You can use that as an example to do what you want.
  8. Don't know if I should ask this on the rp-1, RO or Realfuels thread, but here it goes: Is there a way to add additional RCS fuel combinations into RO/rp-1? I've been digging trough the gamedata files and cannot seem find where they are specified. The different MM configs all seem to direct to eachother but if I make an additional config or edit it doesn't seem to get picked up by the game so I can't use it. I think I've dug trough every forum post and Github issue that mentions RO and RCS, but I'm coming up with a blank so far. The reason I want this is I want to add lCH4/lO2 and lH2/lO2 as a later option in the tech tree. With the better and better mod compatibility we have gotten from rp-1 the late tech tree has been given more options for the post-Apollo era. Engines like the BE-4 and the RL-10CECE variants are in the tree by default and SpaceX raptor is also supported. What I'm missing is RCS tech past the apollo ERA, yes the TL levels up some more giving more efficiency and a bit more thrust, but nothing new is added, forcing you to still use heavy Mono- or Bi-propellant RCS tankage. Also I've been editing some REALISRU files and it seems to "work" on my game, so I've set myself a goal of doing a ISRU Mars mission. I've been researching the subject online and loads of work has been done in RL over the past 10 years on these systems, including vacuum chamber long duration live firings and NASA has flown a methalox test bed with a full Methalox RCS system for a while. The gist of the later documents is the hardware could be made mission ready right now if the mission to use it existed. That is all in NASA public documentation, I would guess SpaceX and BO are also diligently working on these systems. So basicly looking at a 2010-2020 bracket for placing them in the tech tree. So for the DEVS my question would be: Is expanding the RCS fuel options being considered??? I'd be willing to work out the numbers needed to add it, which shouldn't be too hard, it's only rocket science after all . I just need to know which data is needed. Apart from that any pointers as to which config files to EDIT to get this working are very appreciated. Some documentation: Can't imagine playing KSP without RO/rp-1 anymore, it just ads so much more gameplay.
  9. @Bornholio That's great getting ready for release, I think I speak for most of us lurking on this tread and the git pages when I say: Thank you and the others for all the work and time you have put into this. Few questions tough , Will the release be compatible with the dev installs? I'm running a game from the early November release and am getting ready for manned moon missions. If the release breaks the save I'm going to wait for release and start over. Are the RTG's back in the tech tree? In the earlyer versions the RTG nodes were nicely filled with historical RTG's from Venn's, In the more recent releases they were all gone for me, even tough Venn's is installed. It's kinda hard powering probes to the outer planets on solar power, and the only RTG in my current tree is sitting in some 200-300 science node. I dug trough Venn's, RO and rp0 part configs but I can't seem to find them. Is there going to be a (easier) way to populate the later tech nodes other then using the excel file? I tried to add things like raptor engines from RealEngines and I somehow keep failing at it. Is there a way to translate the CTT used by a lot of mods into the rp0 tech tree directly? There are a lot of good part mods that add more endgame parts, but right now it is a nightmare to get them into the tree.
  10. @Bornholio Thanks. I'll try and fiddle with the numbers. On the ISRU side. I'll try and 'hack' it into a copy of my game and see if anything works.
  11. Question for the devs, @Bornholio, @Phineas Freak, @NathanKell Is there a setting somewhere in the dev-version for 1.3.1 to change the rollout costs? later in the game (mid 90's and I have a BFR-like reusable orbital booster) but the rollout costs become plain silly. I'm now paying over 2.000.000 (x1000$ was it?) per rollout of what is essentially a almost fully reusable spacecraft, 3400 tons at launch and only the interstage-fairings and payload fairing don't recover for 100 tons to orbit. I don't really want to resort to hacking my savefile and setting the contract rewards even higher (I'm at 500%), so I was wondering if there is a variable in the configs I can lower somewhere? Also is any work still being done on the developement? It has been quiet on the github lately and I would really like to see more advanced things like ISRU and longer term habitation/lifesupport. Still loving the pack, it's causing plenty too late nights. :D
  12. @Bornholio Thanks. I'll take a look at that after the weekend. I'm mostly looking to get the infernal robotics parts and some isru and reactor parts from kspi-e into my game.
  13. Hello fellow rocketeers. I've been playing the 1.3.1 dev version for a few weeks now and having a blast, but am starting to run into the issue that the tech tree is pretty sparsly populated with parts once you go beyond the lunar/apollo tech levels. All mod parts show up when you start a sandbox game (infernal robotics/station part packs/tested kspi etc) but do not show up in the rp-1 tech tree in career, I assume this is because of the new node names that are used in rp-1. So my question is, is there an easy way to get modded parts (most use the community tech tree) to show up in the rp-1 tech tree? I would think a mm-patch that basicly says "node X (CTT)=node X (rp-1)" should work ? Has anyone made something like this or would this be a hard one to write? (I have very limited coding skills, copy/paste mostly ;D ) Or would it be an idea to add this to the rp-1 standard patches? allowing for other mods to integrate more easily into rp-1. Also I tried scouring the github pages for this but I cannot find any information on the new nodes and their toughts behind it. Also a GIANT THUMBS UP to the entire dev team for making and supporting this totally awesome modpack.
  14. Also when you have a clean 1.3.1 install in a seperate folder make sure you run the game at least once before proceeding with installing RO from CKAN.
  15. @FreeThinker There is a Gamedata folder available for download trough the rp-0 Discord channel, it was put on there by @Theysen. I went digging in the github and the folders themselves but I can't find a way to get it working normally. All the modules show up in sandbox as far as I can tell, I think you will need to find the corresponding nodes in the new tech tree and see what goes where. On another note : Is it even possible to create LqdMethane right now? I tried all the different ISRU modules but the sabatier process just doesn't show up on any of the parts. I can process hydrates for water and electrolyse that, but nowhere does a sabatier reaction show up. Also athmospheric gathering of CO2???? Do I need a specific level engineer in the vessel or something else?? edit: as you guessed I'm trying to refuel a vessel with LqdMethane and O2 on Mars, good news is the recources are all showing up on Mars, unfortunately I just havent been able to get it to work in any way after 2 days of trying. So if anyone can show how it's done please do.