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  1. hi there, i know it's a long shot, but would it be possible for me to contribute a model in a similar vein to B9's style? i'm trying to learn modding/game design and could use some help with learning how to get stuff to work.
  2. hey these are really cool! are you planning a spacedock release for convenience at any point? i'd love to see when this mod updates.
  3. @LORDPrometheus Dude! fantastic to hear you're back! can't wait to see what you've got in store. Best wishes for you, just make sure not to overexert yourself . I'm starting an 3d modelling and animation course september so your development videos are going to be really interesting for me!.
  4. would it be possible to add some sort of anti gravity drive that provides reactionless hovering for spacecraft? i'd love to have ships be able to move around in atmosphere without having to use VTOL engines or high speeds.
  5. so i'm assuming i'll have to wait until there's an official release of BDAc for ksp 1.2.2?
  6. I was wondering if somebody could help me with a bug i have? acknowledging the fact that i'm running the 1.2.0 version of BDAc on 1.2.2. Every time i fire a gun the bullet tracers/trails are purple, missing texture shade to be exact, and the screen for the tracking ball and FLIR pod are flat purple, can't use them at all. Is there a fix for this or is an unavoidable part of using BDAc 1.2 on ksp 1.2.2?
  7. Really great to see that this is being maintained again. All the best wishes for you prometheus, and hope you can return soon. And it's great to see you stepping up spannermonkey, i'm really enjoying the addons that you've revived so far and your support of PEW is nothing but more good news for the community
  8. this looks incredible, made me so excited when it popped up on spacedock, need to get this installed as soon as possible! do the osprey rotors have any kind of tilt function currently or planned, or are you recommending we use infernal robotics with them?
  9. awesome! been looking for something like this for so long, testing immediately!
  10. would it be possible to get an album of the various weapons and parts in this pack? i'm curious about the contents and i think it would help immensely, as well as help to showcase the mod for other potential users.
  11. Do you have any plans for cargo bay/weapon bay style parts in the future? because i can see the 'twin hulls' style of the rear fuselage being great for dual bays, possible large enough to fit nearly 1.25m parts in.
  12. this is pretty cool, excited to see how development on this goes, and i love that you're giving some attention to the YF-23, always loved it's design.
  13. ah, ok. i'd just noticed i was running out of ammo and had thought that it used the CAL rounds due to the near identical spelling. the reason i'm running out of ammo by the way is because i'm using it on multirole aircraft to attack ground targets, quad guns make very good strafing, but run out quickly.
  14. hey, just wanted to ask quickly, is the GSH-23 intended to us the CAL 23x115 ammunition? because if it is, i think there's a spelling error in your config files that's meaning that you can't use the CAL ammo with your guns. s
  15. hi, i just wanted to let you know that NKD already re-implemented the MIRV with better models and textures...not sure if this helps you in any way, but wanted to make sure you knew.
  16. hey, just curious about how much progress you're making on the awesome new engines? also, i know it's a lot to ask, but have you ever thought of making a Mk1 hull version of the cobra cockpit, essentially just chopping the side intakes off? i think it would be really useful for people who like to build using the Mk1 profile.
  17. for some reason the HVAR's are kinda buggy, the don't accelerate very much at all on launch, generally float to the ground and explode. is this user error? the smaller version just explodes on the missile rail instead.
  18. i'm actually hoping for something like the Centurion avre actually, really want that 165mm demolition gun turret.
  19. yeah, i really hope it is now that you mention it, the PL-01 is really cool
  20. i don't recognize any of those parts except the engine, nor do i have them from when i downloaded the update earlier...
  21. i think the issue you're encountering with the Mk2 hulls is because of the fact that B9 Mk2 hulls are the old shape, while the version in ksp is different and not compatible.
  22. Generally i set one action group to next weapon, and one to fire, both in the weapon manager, so that you can change between weapons are fire one at a time.
  23. Yay, we missed you. i saw your comment on the BDA thread and i had to check here as well. do you have many plans for new parts or are you just going to play with the new part types of BDA and release what you feel like? because i feel like the new missile turret module is perfect for the RIM 116 launcher.
  24. from what i've seen, the cockpit on the F22 is more melded into the fuselage and is more of a slight ramp than this mod's has.
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