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  1. My pick is that this will be the first dlc. Storytelling adventure, so first person kerbal establishing an extrasolar planet science in order to get home.
  2. Not sure aboht the rescale, but the city lights can be deleted from inside the folders.
  3. So... been working in this (work procrastination). Probably change name to quartix or something. Still a name in progress. Still very much a light mod advanced techtree. ReStockPlus. Stockalike Mining Expansion. Kerbalism Simplex. Moldivite Machines. DLCs supported. For propellor parts specifically. Also the Simplex Suite of mods. ExtraPlanetary Launchpads, Keridian Dynamics, Near Future Construction being the only additional mods supported. Considering Deepfreeze as well. Tier 1 - 6 nodes at 5 science each. The game only allows for whole points. 0.625 tanks. Tier 2 - 12 nodes at 15 science. 1.25 tanks Tier 3 - 16 nodes at 30 science. Short 1.875 tanks Tier 4 - 12 nodes at 60 science. Long 1.875 tanks R&D upgrade needed Tier 5 - 16 nodes at 120 science. Short 2.5 tanks and mk2! Tier 6 - 12 nodes at 240 science. Long 2.5 tanks Tier 7 - 16 nodes at 480 science. Short 3.75 tanks and mk3! R&D upgrade needed Tier 8 - 12 nodes at 960 science. Long 3.75 tanks Tier 9 - 6 nodes at 1920 science. All 5m parts Special nodes for imaging and propellor parts. Nuclear engines get bumped to being more expensive to tier 8. NuclearRocketry is now a tier 9. A new superHeavyRocketry node is in tier 8. With kerbalism the gravity ring is now tier 8.
  4. Breaking Ground - but really for the propeller engines. Pistons/hinges etc. meh Making History only for the parts - which is effectively supplied by ReStockPlus which you would want ReStock anyway to make it all Moar NICE!.
  5. Hadn't seriously considered the god associations of the planets. I like it. I would have considered Eeloo the goddess of far travel, Dres the mischievous demigod of nonexistance (the reason for parts and vessels disappearing when on rails and in flight close to planet surfaces. ) But I'm now looking forward to seeing your lore!
  6. Sounds good! Do you have a non OPM version? If you did then Minmus should go to Eeloo to simulate Charon. Also use Kopernicus to increase science from Minmus too. I'd give the Mun a 6 degree tilt, as really you should have a launch centre that can launch the (and there is a dlc one or stock one launch site that is a 6 degrees?) the point of the inclination should be a need for transfer windows or the right inclination. And the rest of the IRL solar system is inclined massively so 6 degrees is a good compromise. And it is also Minmus stock inclination. I'd also move the Mun out to need 3 days or 18 hours to reach. That would be more 'realistic' too.
  7. Maybe. But it was also a work laptop for 3 years, and now is the family PC too for online learning, work and business. AND i bought it in 2014 so I've had fairly good milage.
  8. Probably not the isru stuff, but yes to the science. I think the System folder has a ScienceRework folder. Swap the whole ScienceRework with the same from KerbalismConfig. Everything else apart from ISRU should be the same, planet configs for radiation belts etc.
  9. Quite. Simplex are simpler. Generally each tier of a texh tree will have a probe based science unlocked. Some of these wil require a part that you are likely to have on a craft anyway (like a solar panel or a antenna) the crewed experiments are also one per tier or thereabouts.
  10. I'll have to give it a go. My parts that i mkae are often 'welded' so this is a way of populating an iva without expecting an additional mod
  11. I was thinking of just referencing the .mu model with no extra manipulations with blender.
  12. Hi all, As I'm not a blender guru, nor a coder (cfg tinkerer only) is it possible to use ksp parts as props? So for example, take say the mark1-3 part model, shrink it, and place it as a prop in the IVA for say the rover as a little model.
  13. Still slowly working on this next update. I'm adding a couple of fission reactors, inspired by NearFuture Electrical, but NOT requiring NearFuture Electrical. Using the NCS adapter and CubicOctoStut models and using some rescaling, a 1.25m and 2.5m fission reactor that will produce ~30EC/s and ~180EC/s. There will be a requirement for heat dissipation, and they will work using a ISRU converter module, with INPUT of NuclearFuel and output of EC and NuclearWaste. The heavy ISRU will be able to convert RareOre to NuclearFuel. Not sure yet how I want to deal with NuclearWaste. Possibly 50% more much power to convert it back? Both reactors will have high EC storage too. Simplex Kerbalism will allow these to operate in background in the same way as it does with the NearFuture Electrical. I'm hoping to make a slight retexture for the NCS adapter model to put a nuclear symbol trefoil on the side to make it look obvious.
  14. Never let physics get in the way of a good story
  15. I am working in some updates both for bugs and new features and tweaks. New parts that I'm adding... A more powerful ion engine, when restock is installed. Less effeicent, but higher thrust. More power needed as well. The part model is a stretched stock engine. This is a parallel with restock plus additional nuke engine. This will get added with Simplex Propulsion. Speaking of nukes, i wanted to add a simple style nuclear reactor. But without the complications of Near Future Electrical. So after mashing together some stock parts with welding i think it looks okay. The real question is which mod to add it to. Kerbalism Simplex? Simplex Resources? I guess Simplex Resources as it would using the NuclearFuel and NuclearWaste resources and this would end up being a dependancy anyway. It would help with mining as well at Jool or at night and will provide energy to do so.
  16. That is what the pistons are for. The explosion occurs and energy momentum is absorbed by the plate at the back. The pistons are like shock absorbers. Think of them as an elevator (lift) that works really hard to keep you still by moving the car up and down if a giant lifted the whole building and started shaking it vertically.
  17. This is great. Thanks Just Jim. The example reads awesome as well. A put put orion engines. Ironic, understated, funny. Awesome!
  18. I should have added that I think Kerman is actually everyones given name. Their surnames are Bill, Bob, Val etc. This makes much more sense. It works for some IRL cultures, and with the backwards Spanish for Kerblish.
  19. I voted no to both too. My own lore is that kerbals live in an unloaded dimension that is tied to kerbin. They left the planet to this realm an eon ago to view the planetary garden beauty they had made. But they dodnt account for the yearing of Experience. Pilots year to experience the thrill of movement and power and going to dangerous and new places. Scientists year to experience data that comes from the collection of science in different places. Engineers year to experience the challenge of building craft that can overcome challenges. Ultimately there is a desire to understand the very nature of the universe The Code by going to new places and understanding how it all fits together. But that's me. For others it will be different
  20. Not sure about adding things to the utility parts. It will something you could patch for yourself though... I'll add the BadAir to Air to the chemical plant. Currently it converts RareOre and HydrateOre to OrganicSlurry but I'll add in a BadAir to Air option as well. 4 kerbals worth per second. That will make it worthwhile adding it in. The EC cost will be high though maybe 20EC a second? You may need a significant power plant. I'm also thinking about how to add a nuke reactor that looks nice enough. Probably a mismash of stockparts.
  21. Ah. I hear you. I'm doing a JNSQ and kerbalsim playthrough myself. And the wait for rcs was complicated with the progression of docking contracts. At 50% science these are quite frustrating and the ore tanks are the same when it comes to resource mining. I'm working on an update currently. It isn't save breaking but does introduce some extra nodes in tiers 2, 3 and 4 for ScanSat and HullcamVDS of yiu have them. Im also hoing to move smaller ore containers a little earlier as well with the tanks. I hadn't thought of moving the rcs thrusters but i may do that now... but perhaps just the single small one.. the linear thruster? Monoprop is available in command modules of course! Maybe. The tiers cost the same as stock, so more, but you have fewer branch options so the cost overall is less. I think you will have similiar issues currently. Not sure if it will break your saves. What difficulty setting are you playing on?
  22. I too have searched Google but found nothing. However, what you are looking for is a mod that alters part Titles as these are in game names of the parts. The only mod I know is this one:
  23. Leave it with me. I'll arange for it. I'm working slowly on an update currently.
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