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  1. I can see tech tree modding happening quickly, perhaps not in a massively extensive way straight off, like with Simplex et el. but certainly in a Probes before Crew way, and I think sounding rockets/ fireworks before crewed rocket flight. My thoughts on planes before crewed rocketry are that it should be at least parallel. So I'm already wondering how that first 'tier/ tab page' (I really can't think this early in the morning today which one it is) can be manipulated to my head canon. Peace
  2. I agree, but the limitations of the game allow you to pretty much take a mk1 cockpit and fly it jool with enough boosters. SSTO aircraft are quite straight forward as well. I think I understand what you are looking for though, as science around kerbin for planes to collect is limited, a large wing subsonic aircraft should be earlier if not fairly early in the tech tree so that we can replicate a X1 rocket to send a kerbal into orbit? This is what I intended with Tetrix, the Mk3 stuff coming before the Mk2. Not perfect though according to this logic that we are discussing. I'll have a think about it. Any suggestions?
  3. @symphons, you make great points and I learnt a lot when i made the newer Quartix tree in regards to balancing and how the early tiny and small size tanks might work. It some repsects it was a replication of the stock tree, but yes i agree now it seems a bit odd. It looks like i may need to revisit perhaps when I'm on vacation in a couple of weeks.
  4. I had seen this - but I haven't had the chance to really give it a go KSP Early Access is all about finding work arounds (and reporting bugs). I'm looking forward to giving it a go.
  5. Yup. But given i purchased the gaming laptop in 2014 (Asus ROG) it is possibly also a user issue!
  6. Whist I am sooo pleased at the visuals updates and the amazing performance enhancing in 0.1.5, playing now I get performance stutter when the camera is facing the oceans, clouds whether in atmosphere or in low orbit, FPS drops markedly. I used to get this if I installed Scatterer or whatever KSP1 mod made oceans look much nicer. If the camera is pointing to the stars then FPS is so good! So I wonder if there we can have an option to remove clouds, or ocean prettiness or both please?
  7. The mass drivers may have some issues around textures from when the stock part refresh occurred (these used the old mainsail texture) refresh but the parts themselves work fine!
  8. @Mitokandria, Snacks is added to QUARTIX in 3.7 updated now! @SpudNutimus, TETRIX update to 2.23 and I've used some for SIMPLEX as well in 1.33 Thank you!
  9. Except on Minmus... eating that minty icecream :! Oh wait - Minmus is now a glassy body, not a sweet sickly dessert. My bad.
  10. Sweet! Thank you. I'll update over night nz time and add in the Snacks support as well.
  11. I'd love to add them if you want to share the config. Thanks!
  12. When I get some time I need to start looking into the whole modding thing as it seems a little more complicated than the MM patches I am used to manipulating (damn it Jim, I'm a priest not a coder!). Thanks for looking at modularity .
  13. Well done! This first chance to mod a mod is coming! I'm a fan of fewer resources to deal with, like combining Food and Water together, and then O2 to Air to keep balancing the mass changes from O2 to Co2 and Food/Water to Waste. How easy would it be to mod your mod to swap out the resources? Congrats on release!
  14. Ill try and have a look in the next couple of days
  15. I realise that it is still months away, but can the devs give any indication of whether the TechTree will be easily moddable? Or whether modders can see in the background any indication of things already in the not implemented code? I love the concept that you have going with missions to unlock 'tiers' within the tree and the drop down model - but I'm wondering when official modding support will be released too. Peace.
  16. Career mode with the science from Kerbalism Simplex and with AngleCan Progression FTW, one of my TechTrees and 50% science setting FTW. #shamelessplug I disagree - especially if you are looking to make better spaceplanes for flying on Venus. Knowing the atmospheric conditions of Mars meant that engineers could design the current Mars Helicopter.
  17. Agreed - Science is going to be a heavier mass load from its parts, and ISRU should be too, with a higher EC requirement. SSTE wouldn't be an option probably if the ISRU and drills massed twice as much as the fully fueled plane!
  18. I think i suggirt IFI-LS in Tetrix, but I might look at supporting Snacks with Simplex Resources in the near future that will have Air and Consumables.
  19. Hi. Quartix only has a small number of mods supported, but the accelerometer listed twice is definitly an issue. KPBSS is a big mod to bring over, but i can have a look. I've never supported TAC-LS but i could add it in. The accelerometer is in this place as it is a science part derived from seeing acceleation from vibrating rockets from the logic of the placement, and allows a science part to be in that branch. I'll have a look at the issues over the next few days possibly.
  20. Kerbal Engineer Rebux (KER) has this - it isn't perfect, but it isn't too bad. You can also set up the HUD displays to your own whims as well!
  21. I'm not sure that what you ask for exists. But it would be great.
  22. Not in KSP1 or in KSP2 yet! I've thought that myself. It would be cool. The only way I can think of is to make it SO VERY EXPENSIVE so that you only want to harvest it or produce it off world.
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