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  1. Is this being worked on for 1.1? Does this work with 1.1? And then a few freak out for these things being asked? Guess what, this is the Mod releases not mod development forum, those are totally valid questions. Yes it's a bit weird when things change so much, don't dump it as cyber bullying BS on some poor brand new KSP players. Consider that Squad advertises KSP, people buy KSP, people come here to learn about KSP, not everyone has been around as long as others. A few recent sarcastic posts are really uncalled for. Like kids bullying some new kid on a playground, who would be very sad little kids if no one wanted to come to the playground and play. I would venture to guess the modder appreciates interest and cringes at overly emotional fanboys using his or her work as a platform to dump negativity at the curious newcomer.
  2. You might appreciate my latest KSP sidetrack from launching rockets. I made a KAS drill ship, very large using tweak scale and B9 HX parts scaled up to gigantic. It works like this: 2 KAS winches one high one low, crewed by kerbal engineers at each station with KAS drill to attach/detach parts. Top kerbal attaches a port and then an I-Beam to the top KAS winch. KAS winch lowers it, lower kerbal connects a KAS port to the SIDE of I-Beam pipe section, which needs to be braced by some sort of structure to keep it vertical through resistance for the next part of the operation. Lower kerbal then attaches lower KAS winch to pipe UNDOCKED mode so it has collision with the drill ship and braces itself on ship structure and stays vertical. This to keep the pipe from swinging due to the offset COM from the lifting point. Lower kerbal takes another I-Beam (easiest is to have KIS container with them) attaches it to top of drill pipe vertically with the top end near the top KAS winch. Kerbal crew at top winch attaches KAS port and winch cable, kerbal below detaches cable and port on side of lower pipe section. Linked 'drill pipe' is lowered to the lower KAS winch. KAS port and then winch cable attached to side by lower Kerbal, cable detached from top, KAS port detached from top and reattached to top winch cable, cable raised to position for next attachment, lower kerbal repeats process of attaching I-Beam vertically and it all starts over again. This is going to take a while to get to the deepest part of Kerbin ocean! Actually have to wait for 1.1 to have these mods stable as in 1.0.5 i was doing this at like 5fps I made a pipe about 3000m and realized it might take a few redesigns and some streamlining of the process. It will be done, one of these days! Probably scrap the B9 HX tweakscale hull as it was buggy as hell in 1.0.5. This is my bizarre KSP project of late.
  3. Hello, love your mod it is one of my favorites. I have been messing with 1.1 and I would suggest checking if squad stock parts are having issues before adjusting any parts of the same type. Stock wheels and landing gear were very buggy but have been drastically adjusted and they are much better now.
  4. My report from Steam Pre Release Station 1.1: i7 5820K 32GB running Windows 7p It looks different, it feels different, all in ways that seem better. 'Crisp and responsive', 'handles well' are some cliches that come to mind. Sideslipped lining up the runway in a delta wing with perhaps too much yaw control from 2 stock tailfins (the full control surface ones), it seemed more like a 'real' flight sim (a game trying to provide smooth realistic flight with no lag!). For me everything about flying is different because there seems to be no lag at all even on very high settings. Right click is no longer the source of all evil in the universe. OMFG YEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Hype appears to actually be lacking compared to the reality. Not kidding! I have been a huge critic of KSP lately, and stopped playing altogether a few months back. This is exactly what KSP needed to get me back into it.
  5. Thanks for the awesome mod! I am having the same issue with the Phoenix lifter wings not registering, I can't assign them to action groups in SPH, but the right click options including control adjustment menus are there. Need them for my Quinjet VTOL light cargo aircraft... Thanks again for the mod.
  6. I am playing 1.0.4 and have an issue with KSPI radiators becoming detached from a ship on the ground while extended. I load the save and the parts are on the ship, turn away from the sun, but then become inactive, mousing over them they are debris, but still in position on the ship. If I do pretty much anything, release breaks, raise the active harvesting drills, EVA a Kerbal, the ship starts to blow up and it starts the log with radiators impacting the tank they are sitting on and were attached to in the VAB. Is this a known issue? Any advice?
  7. Simply make less information available real time, probes send back information that is acted upon with a time delay both ways. If you don't have a pilot every maneuver must be plotted with delay, and all updates on ship flight information are delayed the distance to KSC or nearest maned science lab WITH an Engineer AND A pilot as well as the lab manned by scientists. So you're flying your ship, it only has a scientist, so while you are focused on that ship you are that scientist, you plot a maneuver and the game puts a delay on it equal to the radio travel to KSC because it was the scientist and KSC working together. If a pilot is present you play as that pilot and have full control real time, if one is not present the scientist or engineer is dependent on ground control. The 'pilot' is mostly computer scientist and mathematician, operating onboard computers to run the flight real time on site and make decisions without ground control. Annoying enough to make the pilot valuable, realistic enough to not be seen as just an annoyance but as simply the reality of space flight.
  8. I would like to see science gathering based on more realistic process than click and collect. Idealy the science and parts unlocked would reflect real world progression, specifically materials science since it is so crucial to all industrial and scientific applications. Other areas of science as well, geophysics is an area I would love to see represented, aerospace research, chemistry, biology, astronomy, as individual sciences with Kerbals able to train for operating specific experiments in each field. It would be very cool if the science in the game reflected the human races progression in understanding of the material world, as such it should start with geology and optics, and then once both are researched unlock chemistry, physics and biology, from which everything would spread out up a science tree. An example: game start with core sample drills, basic rocketry, one would need to train Bob in geology (which would lead to Geophysics, branches to other areas of science). He would need to sample a few biomes for mineral properties on Kerbin and the Mun to unlock better tech nodes and parts, specifically 'discover' a list of rare earth (kerbin) minerals to unlock micro electronics and some engine technologies. So the player would have to get to the Mun using basicly 1960's technology just as humans did. They would need to send up satellites with unlocked optics experiments to identify biomes and minerals on Kerbin that would be sampled and through sampling unlock parts that relate to rare earth mineral using technology. As Al Pacino says in Scarface 'First you get the mineral samples, then you get the new engine materials...'. I would like science separated into data and results, sort of what the lab does but applied to all science with a main lab at KSC to process any experiments returned. A higher level scientist Kerbal operating that main lab will return more 'results' per amount of 'data' than a lower level one. New motivation for running missions and leveling up more scientists. Scientist Kerbals should need to operate experiments for an amount of time, a few minutes to a few days or more depending on its real world counterpart. They would gain experience in the field of science they are trained for and currently using real time, without need to return to KSC. But returning to KSC would allow unlocking new more advanced fields of study through a 'Kerbonaut Training Facility' and/or 'Kerbal International University' at or near KSC. Scientists would need to conduct specific experiments in order to unlock the ability to run the next in the specific field of science, which could happen on site. To start a new field of science they would need to go to KSC and train for its first basic entry part. Parts would be unlocked based on science specific to the innovations needed. Fuels through chemistry and physics. Electronics through physics and computer science, needed for showing more detailed orbital information. Engineers would be part of the crucial process of innovation, better structures (max heat, radiator capacity, crash tolerance) through structural engineering 'programs' that would require engineers to run analysis on parts before, during, and after flights. The next part would need experience with the previous, bypassing only where somewhat realistic. One could not save up generic science and unlock a few nodes. Pad testing would account for a bit of the needed experience though, so one would not need to launch to orbit for all the 'engineering data' for every part. Capsules would require at least some orbital testing to gain full upgrades and unlock related technologies. Ion engines and other engines that do not operate in atmosphere would need to be used in space to unlock the next, but not SRB's or low ISP lift engines that operate mostly in atmosphere that realistically can be tested on the ground. Struts and material structure would upgrade parts values as experience is gained by actually analyzing used spacecraft at KSC. No single mission to everywhere, collect all the early stock science experiments, and unlock far to much of the game in one flight. This is a theme for a change in how the game treats science, not a complete list of specifics to implement this concept. It would need to be fine tuned and applied evenly across the game, with an expanded need and use for pilots, who should be able to have a secondary specialty and collect science or engineering data at a lower rate, but not process data into final results. The main benefit of the change would be a more realistic crossover to real world science, enhancing one of the games major strengths. It would provide more motivation and immersion for the players. Not that the game is 'wrong' in any way for not being like this, it is a balance of many things, but it could better represent the realities of scientific discovery. Hopefully in Unity 5 it will have some room to grow.
  9. click on the game in the list in Steam library, drop down menu click 'Properties', in the properties window click the 'Beta' tab, click opt in to betas. You don't need a code it will role KSP back to 1.0.4 automatically as the last stable release "Beta". Its not a Beta test but that is how I rolled back to 1.0.4 last night after Steam broke my save updating. If you have already loaded the persistent save in 1.0.5 it will load your game with errors for ships/parts changed in 1.0.5, just use ESC or Alt F9 to load a save from the game (quicksave in 1.0.4 or a named save point in 1.0.4) and it should load that just fine.
  10. Not sure what the issue is, I use OPT and many other mods without to many issues. That bug you describe I have experienced before, but not repeatedly and it usually happens after I have saved and launched and reverted back to hanger a few times. Is your tech try messed up or modified when this happens? That would indicate it is a bug in the actual parts available and loaded vs just a hanger interface bug.
  11. Do you have MK4 spaceplane installed? That has a config that forces everything else to act as if FAR is installed. No idea why, there is a fix CFG somewhere in the MK4 thread. Not sure if that is your issue but it sounds exactly the same as the wing lift issue I had from installing Mk4 mod.
  12. landing legs FTW. buggy 32bit KSP sometimes allows objects not on legs or wheels to fall through terrain and endlessly fall towards the center of a planets gravity well. You don't want that to happen to your crucial base infrastructure!
  13. I like angled twin tail fins, yes they do create pitch or off axis yaw, if you actually use yaw for anything... I do not, I roll the aircraft and use pitch to turn SSTO as it is long and built to go straight, slightly nose up, very fast. Going straight slightly nose up, very fast, twin tail fins are nice way to get CoL behind a CoM that is pretty far back on the aircraft, due to something like a bunch of nuke engines hanging off the back. Generally I use 4 'vertical' tail fins. 2 on top are large, angled less than 45 from vertical. 2 on bottom are smaller but longer, angled outward more horizontal than vertical, but still balancing the top vertical fins. Longer at the root but shorter root to tip, to allow aircraft to pitch up and take off from a runway without hitting them. I find canards are very useful if you can actually get the CoL to accept them. Do not be afraid to have empty locked tanks at front and back that are aerodynamic structure not fuel. if your tanks are all near the center wet and dry CoM are much easier to manage.
  14. Thanks for the help Claw, got my refinery undocked from my lab Edit: I have found that in 1.0.4 I can quicksave, or quicksave using a specific name, leave KSP running and open that save, edit it, load it in KSP, and undock. It has become an easy process using shortcuts, and a frequent one due to using mod docking ports from OPT and B9 that seem to love this bug. No idea if it is common, but my latest SSTO science lab with stock and 2 types of mod docking ports seems to lose ability to undock on every port every time I dock now. Not sure if it part of the fix or the original issue expanding. Details: The SSTO has stock Clampotrons in a cargo bay, 2 B9 surface mount shielded docking ports (the square flat ones), and an OPT J inline docking port which has a Clampotron that extends out of the center of a Clampotron Sr. docking port to make it a dual function port. This is where it started... At first it was just an OPT J inline docking port, which has both Clampotron and Clampotron Sr. docking ports. This one was bugged from docking a clampotron to it. I could click 'undock', retract the OPT J docking port into its shell, and the docked ship would not be selectable 'no nearby craft...'. I would find it is still one ship, with the docked ship hanging outside a closed aircraft bay with a docking port retracted inside, as if it had never undocked. Looking in the save file, the stock Clampotron docked to the J inline docking port appeared to be assigned to the Clampotron Sr part of the J Port, not the smaller clampotron part it was visually attached to in game. However I used the fix without switching the data fields and it allowed undocking. I retracted the Clampotron on the J Port leaving the Clampotron Sr still active, and docked a larger stock Clampotron Sr to the larger docking node and it is bugged as well. So now 2 B9 shielded docking ports on the craft are bugged, they worked fine before I tried to use the J inline port, now they bug out and wont undock. They to will retract the port and leave the docked ship, still docked, hanging in space where the retracted port was before. Fortunately I have streamlined the fix to a few clicks, and I know right where the ports are in the sfs now that I have been there a few times. Feels like it has something to do with animation modules... all the ports bugging out on me are using animation for covers. It seems like it propagated as well, to parts that were working previously, possibly through some function of the animation module writing to the sfs? Not sure how this all works, but I got some 'gut feelings' about suspicious circumstances. So, not a huge deal, working around it. For me saving in game, editing that save, and reloading it, do not require exiting the game. So that is all pretty quick. still, when I land the SSTO the crew have voted to burn it next to the runway due to all the hassles
  15. I like the concepts you have presented and am looking forward to trying your mod. It appears to be a really good set of additions to the MK2 parts list that could become stock parts if done well. Your new parts are things most SSTO fans have probably wanted at some point in some form or another. Thanks for doing this mod and addressing these MK2 gaps. I am excited to try and balance the CoM and CoVT with your new parts!
  16. Jets and LV-N. Basic SSTO MK2 center body and MK2 side pods attached in line. Side pods have large Manta intakes and surface mount intakes, 2 airbreathing jets each, total of 4 jets. Center MK2 body has 2 LV-N and if I have it unlocked the radiators from KSPI, but you don't really need those they just make it seem more 'realistic' a sequence of parts with a big radiator. They do make the underpowered ship capable of very long burns though, to other planets. Stock SSTO is easier to get to orbit but tricky to not explode from heat if its over powered or one goes to fast to low. Depending on the jets unlocked I have to start the LV-N pretty low or just to kick the plane to over 2000 m/s at around 20-25km. I miss orbit sometimes being to greedy and fearing the heat, but I have to use the 10km to 18km area to get a lot of my thrust. My general rule, that I am not sure is totally correct but seems to be a general convergence of forces, is that 1600 m/s speed anywhere below 16km altitude, the plane is likely to blow up the cockpit or whatever is facing the airflow. My builds are long and usually delta winged. Build based on the CoL and CoM with the aircraft unloaded of all fuel and monopropellant. Put the tanks near the CoL, use empty tanks in front and behind. Can get away with overloading and having CoM get near CoL as fuel drains if your basicly out of the atmosphere as it gets unstable for aerodynamic flight. Then balance the tanks manually and lock the now empty tanks at the ends. stability on re entry to atmosphere is kinda nice... Usually the amount of angle on takeoff and landing is an issue with these long thin builds, put some small wings angled down that are just past the angle at which you will hit the LV-N engines, because the little wings will cost a lot less if you over pitch and scrape the lowest and most rearward part off of your ship... Clip a radial mount at the center line on the closest center body connecting part face, as close to CoM as possible and where CoM will be with typical fuel after orbital burn, and attach a strong reaction wheel unit Enjoy control!
  17. No worries bro glad to be of help B9 is in the process of updating, the dev version of the B9 parts pack works pretty well. KSP however still needs to be ported to a 64bit newer game engine ASAP, we are all sort of holding our breath for that. It is happening I guess, there have been some announcements. No date or anything, just that it is in process.
  18. Thanks for the mod! Very fun to land spaceplanes. Hard to fly in the low pressure and gravity though. Stall speed is so low the control surfaces have very little effect near it. Planes fly very weird and yaw issues are more pronounced. Anyone got any tips, conceptual models, advice on flying in low gravity and air pressure? I crashed a big SSTO into a mountain on takeoff due to engine stall and control issues. It felt very different to control takeoff versus atmo entry and landing, where it seemed to have OK control. Taking off it seemed like it would not settle on a heading and would start to sideslip like the aircraft was asymmetric (its not!), then the engines would shut down from the high angle to the airstream. I ran into a canyon wall trying to get up over it. Next time I will look for more speed low in a canyon and try a ballistic exit with much more speed/pressure on the wings to pull up with, a gradual ascent to escape velocity did not seem to work
  19. This is most likely an issue with the Mark IV Spaceplane Parts mod. It has an issue with the cfg file that calls for FAR mod settings to be used when that mod is not present. It forces other mods to look for FAR as well apparently, and this makes most wings not have lift. There is a fix CFG file to use Mark IV Spaceplane Parts without FAR installed found here.
  20. I will try to post this image later, I can't load KSP without feeling like I am wasting half my life at this point. Need a break as I have spent over 10 hours trying to make the game work and not docked or launched or flown anything in that time just watched ships that worked for months explode. It makes me feel ill to load the game now, and its my only game
  21. none of that worked ship still explodes in every direction. now no time warp needed, just wait a minute it blows up.
  22. OK to add, that physics file is totally different than the file the game is generating most of the time, the one my KSP generates is lacking skin thermal entries everything is 0 (zero) in the field versus the one you linked me to is typically with a value in these fields that are null on my KSP install. I am guessing, I may need to reinstall 1.0.4 clean? This makes sense that the times I have verified local files through steam while online it has occasionally had the right physics and engines cool off. trying new physics cfg now hope it improves things but I suspect a deeper problem I may have created trying to fix things. Fingers crossed my newest science vessel doesn't blow up. I have about a minute usually before it does the only option is to bail out 12 kerbals and pick them all up, assuming they are not scattered in the explosion to different orbits. XP
  23. thank you Sal-vager i will try these things. I have been running it from desktop shortcut and will try to run the exe from the KSP folder instead. I have deleted the physics file ever time i reload after a crash for weeks now. I thought I had a workaround, with some crashes after memory overruns using SPH and VAB and revert that seemed resonable and related ot the 32 bit addressing. But yesterday I read on forum about f12 menu, opened it, and somehow ruined my game trying to fix the engines never cooling off. I replaced that livable bug with ships exploding parts flying everywhere and cannot even play my save now. I hope something works, very sad for all the kerbals that will be trapped in space if I dont.
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