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  1. Right, I know the included hangar parts have the ability to be resized. However some of the stock cargo bays also had the capability added via module manager and what looks like a custom model for internal volume. I played around with nesting an upsized hangar part inside of a tweakscaled stock cargo bay but I'm a perfectionist and the inefficient use of volume and mass just bugged me. I guess I answered most of my own questions, just stating a feature that would get my vote for a future release
  2. I'm trying to build some massive, like stupidly massive, carriers. Tweakscale is my friend. However it looks as if internal volume does not scale with part volume- is this a planned feature? I'm guessing it isn't trivial since it appears that internal volume has to have a separate model, even to convert stock parts. Having no unity modeling experience myself I have no idea what I'm asking really.
  3. @linuxgurugamer Ignore me I made a stupid mistake I'm too embarrassed to admit. Works great, as usual the community pulls through.
  4. I didn't realize how much I'd come to depend on this mod for balancing asymmetric light vehicles. Fantastic mod. I downloaded the unofficial patch but can't find the icon in the toolbars? I may be doing something wrong? I'm used to mixing and matching parts packs so I'm comfortable not using CKAN, not worried about that.
  5. Thank you for keeping this up to date. This mod is basically my entire career endgame. Get far enough make amazing interplanetary SSTOs that can transport entire bases. Cheers
  6. Sorry I don't check this too often. Afraid I'm not going to be very helpful .No save files with issues right now, so I can't recheck what I meant. Can't remember if there was- an actual message that popped up that said 'unable to repair' a successful auto repair confirmation, but the error did not disappear from the GUI. Game confirmed not fixed. or if the error disappeared from the KML GUI but it was not fixed in game.
  7. Fantastic tool for bug squashing, thank you. Auto repair didn't do what I needed for the docking ports, but allowed me to easily identify and fix it manually. Thank you!
  8. EDIT: of course this is what I get for not scrolling to the last page before spending the time to write this up. I'm not the first to identify the KAS/KIS method, and I'm not sure if the errors identified by KML would have resolved themselves or not. Cheers everyone. ---- Sorry if this is redundant with anything above. Hope this can help someone who's stuck, or help Squad better understand a way to solve this issue. This bug ruined a big assembly for me a year or so back and did a bunch of manual sfs editing with these original instructions. It hit me again today and I actually discovered a pretty easy way that is mostly in game, but it does involve KAS/KIS if you don't use that and also uses KML. On that note, KML is my new favorite tool for bug squashing (Kraken-slaying?) First, clarification on the DOCKEE vs DOCKER terms, mostly so I don't confuse myself: The DOCKER is this vessel doing the docking The DOCKEE is the vessel that is being docked with. The DOCKEE is the vessel that when you dock, the new 'assembly' inherits the name. I believe KSP determines it by mass (bigger vessel is being docked with, smaller vessel is docking). I've seen some people report that this has to do with which vessel is being controlled during the dock, but through some experimentation I wasn't able to get the relation to swap. In practice I've had a station core with RCS pick up 'dumb' modules to reduce part count, and the name of the station remains unchanged. Really it doesn't matter for the scope of this. Every time I've had this happen it's because I tried to dock two vessels that already had other vessels docked to them. As someone above mentioned, I think it has something to do with the game confusing itself trying to flip around who is the dockee/docker. So avoid that. Quick description of my issue, arrows point to the DOCKEE. [fuel module]--->[Station core]<---[shuttlecraft] /\ | | Docked to | | [greenhouse/lab module]--->[transfer stage]<---[greenhouse/lab module] PROBLEM: When trying to undock the transfer stage, the greenhouse parts would go flying off through the rest of the station. No collisions, no explosions. Looking a little closer here, the ship never undocked either; you can still right click on parts both on the transfer stage and the station. FRUITLESS TROUBLESHOOTING: Undock lab modules: The lab modules become separate vessels, but are still physically attached to the transfer stage. Undock lab modules, undock transfer stage: the lab modules again become separate vessels, and the transfer stage breaks into pieces when undocked, even with all the ALT + F12 cheats on. KML editing the stable .sfs: No errors thrown. KML editing the .sfs after undocking: autorepair yielded various versions of "this is fixed but this isn't", which upon loading cause glorious explosions and cause an interesting failure mode similar to the apocolypse Kraken: When quickloading back to a stable save, there is no Sun/Mun and some of the textures are corrupted (station was transparent-ish?). Returning to the spacecenter shows that we are now in an eternal night. SWEET SUCCESS In game: Using KIS/KAS, flew up to the station. Used the power drill and the 'detach' function, I was able to separate the docking ports from each other and the transfer stage was completely free! KML sanity check: An examination of the .sfs threw a few errors with both docking ports that autorepair was unable to fix. In practice I believe this would have prevented the ports from being used again. But the autorepair tool gave me the exact part numbers so they were easy to find. KML fix: Navigate to both docking ports, 'ModuleDockingNode'. Set dockUId to 0. Set the state to READY delete the 'DOCKED VESSEL' node. Yes, delete. Poof. Save, load, and fly safe!
  9. I noticed this thread doesn't get much love. Long time user of this mod here, came here after I realized my greenhouses weren't producing LS after some recent update. Grabbed the new config, works great. Figured I'd leave you some love as well. Your time put in here is appreciated. I agree with those who mentioned the KISS factor of this mod and it is what keeps me coming back. Cheers
  10. After 3 years I finally made a forum account just to thank you for this. Any chance of CKAN integration?
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