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  1. Hey, i'm here, also there are many Indian fans who own the game, you are not alone my friend. Let's send MOM to Duna, I guess that makes it DOM.
  2. Take a look here and scroll down a little you'll find all the releases from all versions pick whichever suits you. https://github.com/rbray89/ActiveTextureManagement/releases
  3. Hi, I'm a little confused I have a 64 bit system but I run KSP 32 bit EXE not the KSP_x64.exe one. Which ATM should I install x64 or x86
  4. I'll try re installing kerbal engineer tomorrow and report back as its late here now.
  5. I have process explorer open on my second monitor and never even once I had KSP go beyond 2,800,000 Bytes, I just checked before another CTD.
  6. My GameData is exactly 1.90 GB out of which KSP Vanilla folders NASA mission and Squad use 848 MB I have also verified Installation several times.
  7. Hi, sorry I forgot to mention I have sufficient memory to run KSP and my KSP only uses at most 3gb out of my 16 GB RAM. Edited Main post to attach a 64 bit DXdiag.txt of my system aswell.
  8. Hi Ksp community, I need help from you guys/gals, I started a new 0.90 KSP game 32 bit when it released this is a modded game with almost most of them installed with CKAN. I have started getting CTD's recently and due to this I cannot progress the game anymore and having invested a lot of time and patience on this save I do not want to start a new fresh game. My issue is I get CTD mostly when I switch from Flight mode to Space center or vice versa after spending some time in game, Like if I fly a mission to space and go back to Space center to collect reward I mostly get CTD. Now, I have check
  9. Hi, I just updated CKAN to v1.5.0.0 from v1.3.6 i think, after updating I went into the settings and Cleared Cache because it was giving me "failed to connect to repository". Now after I refreshed it I do not get the error but all my mods are listed as "AD" under Installed tab, How do I bypass this and force CKAN to download these again, as I now cannot update mods anymore with CKAN. Thank you for help.
  10. Thankyou for letting me know this, I must say I would have never figured this one out, thats a wierd requirement for such a simple function. Too bad my laptop will die if I turn on AA.
  11. Can you explain this cause I have 0.90 and I don't see this functionality.
  12. Hi, Will you be updating this to 0.90 I love this mod cannot play 0.90 without it because of love for it. Oh! hey and KW Rocketry agency, to "Sort by Manufacturer" function is a great idea will you implement this please.
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