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  1. i agree it's more confusing than it has to be. why not have them all in the same zip? Also i set rescale to .5 instead of 1, the parts seem a better size this way.
  2. yeah i'm a fan of zzz. what other mod uses the greenhouse? thought it was just ironcross?
  3. Understood. But what does he have to lose? Maybe direct packing is a stretch, but there has been a lot of collaboration.. And ideally it will act as if it were an included part.
  4. i'd put it in the advanced electrics spot where all the fold-out solar options open up.
  5. Looks amazing! My $0.02, the sensors should come in fairly early. Science lab a tier after the materials lab. The nukes and ions roughly similar tech levels as stock nuke and ion. thermal engines one or two tiers after that. The warp and antimatter drives should't even start until the stock tree is over with, super high tech stuff there. Then the particular upgrades even further down the line, need extreme amounts of science to unlock them. Even if it means having to use a 2nd part as the upgraded version..
  6. If you're referring to a particular craft you built, I assume you could copy that file over.. then unlock tech tree until all the parts used on it are available. I have not tried this though. As far as the whole save, I doubt it.
  7. I think this should just be a direct addition to KAS. It's not competition, just a different type of crate. one that cleanly packs up into a fairing. It's nice.
  8. Apparently I am wrong. Comparison tests were done.
  9. Um, I don't think that's true. The experiments counts as 'ran' either way, right? If you transmitted the samples 10 times vs physically returned it 10 times until it's totally cashed, the transmitted ones would total 20% of the points.
  10. it's the whole point of fairings isn't it???? DO IT.
  11. I agree that recovered data from goo, soil samples, material samples, etc should be MUCH higher when it's physically recovered rather than transmitted. As it stands it's already enough of a hit you would only do that if you realized it became a one-way trip. Data sensors such as temperature, things of that sort should all be 100%. It's just data either way, right? Why the science loss? I feel that datalogging type sensor devices should not only have a 100% return rate, but have an option to periodically/automatically transmit if power is available. This should be incentive to send an unmanned probe somewhere to collect readings before sending a manned mission. EVA report, I suppose someone telling a story vs written account is debatable.. but crew report is 100%, why would EVA report be less? Not much issue here either way. I'm mainly just concerned with the sensors, data is data.
  12. I'm imagining a basic "goals" that the science dept wants to see, such as "do a pass near mun at under 50km" or "get a material sample of kerbin's desert". They don't have to list the point value or anything, it would just be an ever evolving list of something to try doing to get the ball rolling.
  13. I agree there should be some basic science objectives/goals to help you get the ball rolling.
  14. Glad to see the chute works here, gonna try it. If you check the older thread there was an issue where the chute would not slow the kerbal down at all, basejumping off an orbiting craft failed when he rocketed through the atmosphere and smacked the ground at 3k m/s..
  15. This should be restricted to a specific tier. what you can do and the science gained from it increases almost exponentially as the tree progresses. if you're talking 1st flight in career only then it's a challenge.
  16. I had another one where i had a guy EVA and grab a chute from the bin. Then switched back in the ship and gunned it, intending to leave him stranded there. There was an explosion noise and it said the link between the chute and the ship broke? Some strange invisible link must have been active still. I don't really get it, he was clear of the ship. I switched back to the stranded kerbal and he didn't have the chute on his back anymore.
  17. Maybe if we make the smaller nose cone style one grabby it'll work better than the radial mount. And no, the kerbal did NOT slow down. even on an aerobrake style orbit where the low point was under 10k, he just cometted through and the ap didn't drop by a single meter. watching the speed it was just gravity based acceleration as he got closer to kerbin and then decel as the altitude increased.. atmospheric drag was invisible to him.
  18. I'll try it. But from what you're saying, if it was false then he should not have spun out of control trying to jetpack. If it was true then the chute should have slowed him down! Has anyone else tried this??
  19. some observations. some might be bugs, some could just use tweaks, some might just be how the game is. I tried to duplicate this experiment.. both of your creations actually. creating anything in space is REALLY tough. a lot of the parts cause the kerbal to spin out of control because he's off balance once the part is on his back. all you can do is turn off the jetpack or drop the part. the parachute does this consistently.. Also I accidentally slapped the RCS block on the back of the kerbal's helmet. apparently that was a one way trip, had to get another one but he was off balance and gave up on it. I don't know if there's anything that can be done about this, he just spins himself whenever you turn the jetpack on. not all the parts do it. the parachute physics (or any atmospheric physics for that matter) don't seem to apply to the kerbal. Despite the chute being deployed like it should he continued accelerating until hitting the ground at nearly 3k m/s. reeling someone in you have to be careful.. poor guy was being whipped around the ship like a ball on a string, faster and faster as the winch length got shorter. when it was about to park/stop the winch busted off and sent him flying away form the ship.. then i see there was no pack fuel. was he using it to fight the winch the whole time? hmm. I should have paused the reel and tried to slow that spinning down but i admit i was entertained and just wanted to see what happens. the grapple hook doesn't work on kerbals, just bounced off him. I didn't hear any screaming but he's in space. reeling that in took some work.. kinda the same thing happened but it wouldn't "park" itself, just kept bouncing around at 1ft length indefinitely. that thing needs to lose energy when it hits the winch base/surrounding objects.. just kept hitting retract until i got lucky.
  20. A factor of 10, that would explain it! I also think it wouldn't hurt to up the crash resistance, I see a lot of 12's. It's not like it's a delicate fuel tank or anything.. it's likely to often be sandwhiched between heavy fuel tanks and thrusters so needs to be built tough. And it does mostly appear to be a ring of metal with the lights tacked on. Personally I would like pale blue cold color, or the option for pale amber warm light color (mostly white in either case). I would probably never set it to other colors like red but I guess the option is nice. A few preset buttons to click should be good enough, it seems like something you would only set once. Like I would just toggle between amber and blue depending on the looks of things and keep using little nav lights for colors and blinky stuff. It makes a perfect area flood light for lander.