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  1. I nuke the hill. my crater.
  2. touches hill a little bit. my tiny amount of hill.
  3. no press: no idea what it is. pressthe button to punch the face of your worst enemy, but you get fired/expelled(depending on school/work)
  4. Hello, so I used to be active on the forums up to about a year or so ago, and same with the game. However, I have just started getting back into ksp, and started to want to interact with the very supportive forum again, so hello! again.
  5. hide behind the cans, until after it closes, and scare the re-stockers. and knock off all the cans.
  6. do a grand tour, on only srb, on your first launch, ever, in your LIFE, using one stage from launch.
  7. press the button will drop a cube to put on the button to open the exit door.
  8. if I give a frame, could someone add hinges for me? I would put docking port juniors where I need the hinges, just I don't know how to configure it.
  9. push it! button push saves shuttle people, but kills the ISS. not push, vice versa.
  10. I just finished page one, great story! looking foreward to reading the rest!
  11. kerbals take a small step outside of a capsule, in space.
  12. I summon the kraken, and claim my hill in the impenetrable void. my void hill.
  13. NO! press the button to poop cake(not poop cake, real cake) but you are too fat to not crush any toilet or bowl.
  14. I throw a dragon chew toy out onto the hill. I then make my dragon-morph roost there.
  15. can't wait for the next entry! how far have you gotten with the kerbals at home, watching the same launch 20 times on vhs?
  16. I just step out, and launch the argos 2. now with super improved sheilds! my ship.
  17. is there the older mk 2 and mk 3 parts? also the adapters? I would like to play with those.
  18. (fez-fall) the dropping of a engine, pointed down, not empty. jectdhfcf
  19. 1199: you encounter an obstacle course, not letting you down. you walk around it and pee in the moat of a castle. you slide down to a mine and it brings you to the next floor.
  20. kessopatania kalt eksplosion KERBOOM!
  21. I decide to walk past the rubble that was a regular day, and reactivate the argos. my starship.
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