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  1. i am back to ksp - just installed 104. - will this mod work with KSP 1.0.4? i had astronomer`s pack on older version it was great.
  2. great to know but still doesnt work) thanks for reply anyway. may be will try it on clean install. cause i have some other modes there as well.
  3. what is DDSloader? it is not included in downloaded mod zip file. exept this dds one i have all of them in Gamedata folder. will add DDS ad try it
  4. hi there guys. how do i install this mod. do i just copy it to gamedata forlder? i did that and somehow i can see outerplanet on system map. what could i do wrong?
  5. I have the same problem. cant exit to space center or end game, cant change vessels and seems like quicksave is not working. Very annoying because i am trying to manyally dock with the second ship anò cant really do it bacause i have to take control over 2nd ship.
  6. oh yea. i am sure most of us would like to see an option to enable/disable mods from the main menu item, so you could add/remove mods on the fly without - copy delete modes or create multiple versions of KSP.
  7. Korkin


    this mode is epic. so much fun.
  8. RasterPropMonitor is not working in 0.90. All I get is blank grey screens with a non-functioning switches.
  9. i would like to see more content on planets. maybe some ruins, artifacts, forests, weather. to make it more interesting then just fly there and come back.
  10. have 2 problems in new version (0.90) - 1) no interior view in Mk3 cockpit (black screen - all i can see is interface) anyone also has this problem? 2)SAS is not working - when i press T it cant enable SAS - says something like " sas module not installed or no pilot|"
  11. Does this mean that we will see this update live anytime soon - couple days or week?
  12. I have problem with Interstellar Pack... I used Obvilion pack. like it a lot. today i tried to install Intersterllar and could not make it to work. game crashes before entering main menu. for now i rolled back to Obvilion. any suggestions of why it crashes? i think it is something to do with EnvironmentVisualEnchansements and its settings, because when i delete it KSP works.
  13. is there difference between Astronomer`s visual pack - edge of obvilion and Astronomer`s visual pack - Interstellar? right now i have Astronomer`s visual pack - edge of obvilion installed and it is really great. btw/ i can not open link to Interstellar given in the first post.
  14. is earth and sun available in game at the moment? i heard not yet