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  1. I've been getting quite a lot of clipping issues with this mod, some of my craft wind up falling under the ground or just explode by themselves. Is there anything on a fix?
  2. I know I haven't been active for a while so here's a bunch of stuff I have been working on in the time since in no particular order: Zarek II Interceptor Small, Medium and Large reusable ascent rockets Melek-class SSTO (updated and functional) Temur-class Frigate Jeskai-class CCS jet Thassa II Fighter (Still WIP) I'll be uploading .craft files on the main thread at my earliest convenience
  3. Don't hold your breath on when the next KS episode is coming out, but in the meantime I'd suggest looking at other series' like KS, my recommendation would be the Fall of Kerbin series by BeardyPenguin and TAPE Gaming to pass the time, I don't know exactly the progress of KS 26 but I cannot imagine it coming out soon
  4. It's been a while posting but recently I modified the Argus Tank to fit the new armour introduced in the BDArmoury update... I think it suits it well
  5. shame on you for not being able to come up with a simple profile picture
  6. I'd like some people to give my ship designs a whirl, download links are shown below as well as pics and stats
  7. Hey HatBat, Just to pitch in a suggestion but as established prior some other corps like the MU have their own space centres and odds are they have their own structures? I would therefore like to suggest at least to try out the Kerbal Konstructs mod along with Kerbinside to add in these for use on their own episodes; I think the series could be much more fun if we had things like urban combat and maybe even with a space colony or two
  8. This is true, take the B-52 from Planetfall, when the Jaysef fires at the B-52 the wing partially disintegrates with debris trailing behind shortly after hitting; as it crashes the wings fall apart completely with some sections flying away. With procedural wings instead then the Jaysef would fire at the B-52 the wing would just go "phut" and fall anticlimactically and last I remember the philosophy on KS is quality over quantity. But.. if we want to see even bigger capital ships maybe procedural parts could be a thing? (or at least Tweakscale)
  9. Honestly, they don't look that pleasing as a combat vessel but with a few tweaks I think it would look like an amazing freighter ship. Maybe a compromise?
  10. it's not that strut intensive even if it does need them, it's more above 1K because of its complexity and weapons
  11. there are struts, many struts; mainly to keep the whole thing together and it keeps together quite well
  12. Made and submitted my first station on the Submission thread, hope you guys like it
  13. It could easily be advertised as a Kethane Station spinoff with the stories being interrelated
  14. After days of waiting I've finally gotten my submission post in, hopefully I'll be able to add some more ships including noncombat vehicles over the next few days
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