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    Glad to know! Keep up the good job.
  2. Kar


    I will look for it. Thank you.
  3. Kar


    Thank you. I have been away for some time from the forums and the game. Usually when I came back to play KSP, the first thing I do after install the game again, is go mod hunting. I have basically all the mods in my head and when a new release of the game come out, I know it takes several weeks until all my mods are compatible. Looking at the USI mod threads would be a long process and when I go into the USI site, the mods are 1.8. I know many mods keep working after a game update, so I just try a couple and hope for the best, but since the USI mods are way more complex I avoid insta
  4. Hey all. It is very hard for me to play KSP without the mods from RoverDude. I love most of the mods of USI. Anyone knows what is going on with RoverDude? I know he become part of the KSP team but it has been a while since I hang around here. I just came back to play KSP since it got the 1.10 update, I got basically most of my mods working but it seams USI mods have not been updated since 1.8. If RoverDude is still around, can you give us some info mate? Hope all is well. Thank you.
  5. Sorry to say but I think you are beating in a dead horse. We "the community" are not strong enough to cause a dent in the sales of KSP2. Also I do not care what the hell they are doing internally since we do not have all the info. For what it concerns me, Star Theory wanted more money and Take Two just got p****d at them....or not. The fact is, we do not know. Unless a representative of both companies came into these forums and explain what is going on (dream on) ethics or lack of it, that will not stop me for buying the game. When KSP 1 was available, I looked at the game
  6. TL/DR I am sure many people from this wonderful community already pointed out many things that I wish to see on KSP2. KSP 1 teach us a lot of orbital mechanics (at least for people that did not understand it fully) but in a way, not 100% realistic. I hope KSP 2 have at least a mode where these things could be more real. Anyway, in hopes that the devs see this, here is my "small" wish list: Proper life support realistic radiation management realistic heat damage proper physics engine in all environments even better editor then KSP 1 (which is gr
  7. Yes, center of mass. This give a lot of possibilities. Usually I left those settings alone and use the method of fuel ducts, this looks like much more easier. Guess I have much testing to do.
  8. Thank you so much for the explanation. 1- Indeed, I remember this was a problem in the earlier versions of KSP. This should make things more interesting. 2- Ok, lol. 3- Talking about asparagus, yes, some stuff I created in the past looked like a web of fuel ducts. This should be very interesting to see how it works and how I can implement it on my rockets (provided they do not explode). Again, bewing, thank you very much for your explanation.
  9. Hi all, It has been a while since I played KSP. Just saw new stuff and 2 DLC's. I bought the "Breaking Ground" expansion already. So, after I managed to install all my favorite mods, I came to realize that some new stuff on the game I do not really get it. So here it goes: What is 1- Same Vessel interaction" ? 2- Control point "Default / reversed" ? 3- Flow priority (I know it has something to do with fuel from several tanks and the flow of it, but I never managed to understand). If there is anyone there that could explain me this little things I wo
  10. Thank you guys! I found it. It really works.
  11. Yea guess there is no option then to wait. Autostruts are really a pain. Thx.
  12. Greetings all ! It has been some time that I haven´t played KSP. I made the update to 1.5 and installed the usual list of my favorite mods. Now I have a problem with wobbling rockets because I used the mod Kerbal Joint Reinforcement. I saw the auto struts in the parts drop down menu, I tried several stuff but with no success. I hate using the metal struts in my rockets, I find them unrealistic and ugly. A clean rocket should not look like a spider web (been sarcastic ) Since Kerbal Joint Reinforcement has not been updated how can I fix this? I do not know "c
  13. Thank you for sharing all. I got it. Protactor.
  14. They are not those. Still those are pretty interesting. The one I am looking for is similar with Astrogator. Thx for sharing.
  15. Hi, I used a mod that allowed me to know the best time for a transfer. I cannot remember the name. It was a pretty small plugin that show all planets, time and/or Dv for the right time to depart. I just cant remember the name lol. Thx
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