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  1. Knew I made a mistake, meant 30mm, no clue why my brain decided on caliber. Correcting it.
  2. Baha is adding vacuum missiles in the next update, he mentioned it, as well as optional airbrakes on the bombs the the BDarmory thread. As for Spanner's weapons, most of them (My opinion at any rate) are too small for the bullets they are firing, the 30cals, for example, look more like they would shoot 7.62mm hilarity instead of 30mmdoom.
  3. Would it be possible to make something that can predict the effective range of a weapon based on the altitude, attitude, accuracy, and muzzle velocity of the turret?
  4. Although I would like to accept your (quite nice) entry, I can't. One of the rules stated that you can't use engines with alternators, the plane has to get its electric charge from solar panels. If you replace the turbojets with RAPIERs you'll be good.
  5. This is actually what inspired me to make this challenge. I wanted to see want fellow kerbonauts would devise for the same function.
  6. I'll go ahead and say kraken drives and infiniglides are cheating, and shall be added to the original post. As for electric props, I allowed them because they are quite hungry.
  7. The challenge is to race the setting sun for as long as possible. Rules: -The craft must be probe driven. -The craft may not gain power from anything other then solar panels. This means you can't use RTGs, reactors, large rocket motors or jet engines. The RAPIER and any other engine lacking an alternator is allowed. - With the exception of electrically powered engines, the fuel source may not be replenished by the craft. This includes kraken drives and infinigliders. *Addition* -You may not climb higher then 11,000 meters. -The craft may not have any batteries. -Mods are allowed. -No cheating. Scoring: -10 points for every hundred meters from KSC. -50 points if the craft survives landing after losing power. -5 points for every ton under 15 at launch. No points awarded if the craft exceeds 15 tons. -15 points for every power consuming part (Science equipment, lights, and electric engines) active during the flight. -Double points for using electric engines. -Double points for using a rover. -Triple points for being faster then the sunset. Set up: -Start a new save and place a flag at the west end of the runway. -Timewarp until the space center clock reads: Year 1, Day 1-1h, 15m, Xs. *Changed* -Build your craft and race the sun. Leaderboards: 1. xtoro - 3,150,996 2. Othuyeg - 706,935 3. angeldust - 984
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