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  1. Super thankful for the existence of this mod! Patiently waiting for the next release, as this is something given to us in the free time of its creators. A major game enhancing mod that is always worth the wait, and though I get anxious from time to time, I know it'll be worth it. The longer the wait, the sweeter the reward in cases like this, imo!
  2. Episode 2! Munar Mishaps! Episode 3: To The Moons! Episode 4!
  3. Posted part 4 of my 1.2.2 unmodded career video series here!
  4. Edit: COMING SOON!!!! TIMESTAMPS! They will be located in the video descriptions! So I've been a long time Kerbalnaut and a short time streamer. I love to game. I love to share amazing games with people. This has been such a great game for me for about 4 years now and I don't love it any less than on day one. I decided I wanted to do a fresh career with no mods in this latest update, as it is starting to feel VERY complete. Feel free to check out the series, only a few episodes in so far....have had some Munar mishaps and Jeb is currently very far from home. I do all the videos live streamed, so you can join in the chat and give some input, or you're more than welcome to leave a comment in the section for me to view later. All in all, I really am enjoying myself here as I love this game and I am loving streaming and interacting with people all over the world while I play my games. I am in no way a big 'youtuber' but I just hope that people will enjoy what I put up. Think of it as a very drawn out tutorial for career mode Episode 1
  5. So is this part of the mod too? what ever happened with this idea?
  6. Yeah, but I can hope for secret experimentals!!
  7. In the nicest way possible, I hope these delays mean that 1.1 will drop any day now. I definitely understand the need for allocating time in other places, and I hope we have a nice juicy patch in our hands before the end of the month.
  8. Respectfully going to disagree on the mass shaving, as the materials and alloys used for construction could be improved to be more efficient combinations of structural material.
  9. there actually is a pretty solid way for saving games like that. just press the ESC button when you're at the KSC overview and go to save game. you can name it whatever you'd like, and load any of them. you can manually load quicksaves there too. it is essentially where your quicksaves go when you press f5
  10. This is disappointing. Sony is on a MAJOR kick lately to make as much as they can exclusive to just Playstation. Sony will manipulate Squad, as they are the weaker company, and will essentially bully them into making certain features that were meant for everyone, to be just for the Playstation. Squad, you should have kept your game on just the PC....will Playstations modding system even be implemented? Will it work? This is a cash grab by Squad (sorry guys, you're great but this is what it seems like) and an attempt for Playstation to STEAL more things for their own systems.
  11. Can't wait to see when you get the SAS modes in then! This is one of the better mods I've ever come across, I've always enjoyed the idea of an IVA only mission, and this mod has made my career so much more interesting with running an IVA only space program. The camera's were a very nice goal to reach in the tech tree, as they literally opened the ship's eyes to making docking and landing even easier. Great mod!!! Keep it up!! Rep for you
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