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  1. Yes, this will be fun, and it will allow much more powerful over kill/interplanetary ships at more of a difficulty/effort level. I\'m hoping for a new planet my self, (Maybe even a gas giant rather then a mars like planet, but both +moons would be amazing) I believe IVA means walking around inside the ship? I assume more parts would have to be added, maybe even life support systems and habitation modules, and that would be awesome.
  2. Procedural generation of cities should be done, I really want cities.
  3. I\'ve gotten into Nullspace, and my parts stayed, they\'re floating away from Kerbin with NEGATIVE altitudes, I can switch to them and I immediately enter Nullspace. I want to viably use this though, Is there any way to use this to safely deploy large crafts with full fuel almost instantly into orbit? My ships will either sit still and physics will never activate, or they just explode.
  4. Oh... I just read that. Why is that a serious issue? Now I\'m worried...
  5. This is awesome, is there any way to make it actually work as a space elevator and successfully launch a ship from it? I\'ve tried but it ends up just freezing in that state when you first appear and physics aren\'t enabled for a few seconds, but it never happens and wont let me launch. I can right click the space elevator things and eject them but my ship stays in place while they fly off at high speed.
  6. I\'m not very good at munoliths, but has there always been one VERY VERY close to KSC? Found it accidentally yesterday.
  7. Can someone explain what CONIC_PATCH_DRAW_MODE CONIC_PATCH_LIMIT Does? How many draw modes are there? I\'m using harvesters settings and they\'re awesome, much better then the original, I can see where my entire journey will go!
  8. I don\'t know, the craft is completely strutless. However when you pull up very fast the back part of the wing does bend slightly, so I don\'t know. Of course, I just now attached the craft file to the main post, I somehow forgot to when I posted.
  9. Made a new 'cinematic' style video:
  10. Passing the northern mountains on my way to the north pole in my Megalith II plane.
  11. I think I\'ll restrict this to runway only, If you really really think your vertical take off space plane can count then post it. 8)
  12. I love space planes! I almost love making them more then regular rockets, so I decided to make this thread as I know you guys have some awesome space planes to showcase. Post your favorite space plane made from ONLY STOCK PARTS and made by YOU only. And if you want to share your top secret design please upload the craft file. 8) Here\'s a form to use when posting your spaceplane if you want one: Here\'s mine to give an example, It\'s the biggest plane I\'ve made and surprisingly stable, just flew it for almost 30 minutes straight. Spaceplane name: Megalith I Type of plane: Long range high speed atmospheric Maximum Speed: 600 m/s ( Mach 1.8 ) Cruising Speed: 450~ m/s Cruising Altitude: 10000m-17000m Maximum Altitude: 18000m Maximum Range: 1/6th kerbins circumference Maximum Flight Time: 30 minutes (At max thrust) Engine type: Atmospheric only Engine number: 7 (5 in MkII) (Extreme speed variants available in 11) Orbital capabilities: No (Some in experimental model) Can escape kerbin: No Can escape the sun: No Landing capabilities: Gliding water landing, or ground landing. Can reach the mun: No Can reach minimus: No Handling: Good Gliding capability: Excellent Special notes: Can cross the kerbin sea in 13 minutes, is 12 Mk3 tanks in length, uses delta wing. Can fly on only 3 engines which can double/triple/quadruple max range at a slow cruising speed. Can stay in air for hours at low throttle sub-sonic travel. Pictures: More pictures: Movie of ship: Can\'t wait to see what you guys have.
  13. It seems like space planes are much worse then rockets for leaving the atmosphere, but atmospheric engines are incredibly efficient. For getting things into space rockets are going to be best at least for now. I\'ve been trying as hard as possible to make a real effective space plane for deep space missions but I just can\'t seem to do it.
  14. Haha, it does look very similar! It was actually my first attempt at a VTOL craft, there\'s like 5 different models but they\'re all extremely unstable as I tried to improve the first model, turns out the first model is the best I can do.
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