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  1. Ok, After a bit of experimentation, I think it was actually coming from the Contract pack: Unmanned contracts mod. It has similar contracts.
  2. Interesting and fun mod. Question though, i haven't in my latest 1.02 career game made it to orbit yet, and the mod has given me a crash a probe onto eeloo, which seems just a tad premature.
  3. Hi Gang, does this pack still require the unofficial patch from a few pages back? And what is still not quite right when you have that installed?
  4. Hi Darkway, I downloaded our unofficial patch (nice work btw). I also use the community tech tree. If you use both, then the part of your patch that adds experimentalRocketry seems to be un-needed, as the expanded tech tree has one already.
  5. Ok, that sounds good... And it is a good excuse to upgrade a given building, if you have a contract that requires it. And, I'm eagerly awaiting your next release. It's things like this that give us reasons to do things in ksp, that we might otherwise have not done. Keep up the great work!
  6. Hi... Great mod... Question though, is it expected that it would give me the EVA around Kerbin contract, before i've upgraded the Astronaut complex enough that i'm permitted to do eva's?
  7. Excellent, I cancelled the contract. The next one like it popped up with out that minimum period of zero. Thanks, d.
  8. I'm currently running 0.7.3, but now that you mention this, I think the contract was probably generated while I was still on an earlier one. I'll cancel the contract and see what the next one looks like. Thanks, d.
  9. One of these contracts, generated a multisprectral scan. The problem is it also has a parameter requiring a minimum period of 0:00:00. I don't know how one would accomplish that. Is this what you would expect?
  10. Hello. In order to make this work, I had to change the two @requiredTech to @TechRequired I ended up with: @PART[TacAirFilter|TacWaterPurifier|TacWaterPurifierLarge]:NEEDS[CommunityTechTree,TechManager]:Final { @TechRequired = recycling } @PART[TacCarbonExtractor|TacCarbonExtractorLarge|TacSabatierRecycler|TacSabatierRecyclerLarge|TacWaterSplitter]:NEEDS[CommunityTechTree,TechManager]:Final { @TechRequired = enhancedSurvivability }
  11. Ok then, try this on. When you are in a scene with the toolbar showing. Go into the configure visible buttons option of the toolbar. Unselect all of the buttons that are configured to show (yah, not something you would normally do). The entire toolbar goes away. So, with the toolbar now not showing, you can't get back into the configure visible buttons popup in the toolbar to re-select the buttons that you do want to show. A minor issue, but I just wanted to make the comment.
  12. Ok, let me pose this question a little differently. I have both Infernal Robotics and Action Groups Extended, both of which can add a button to your toolbar (but, by default they don't add a button, until you use the configure visible buttons option). When I originally went out to the launch pad (before I added any buttons to the toolbar), the toolbar showed up with that cute button with all the coloured boxes on it. I used the drop down button at the right end to add Infernal robotics. I went back to the VAB to make a change to my ship (to add a action group to agx). When I returned to the launchpad, the toolbar no longer showed up at all. There was no dropdown arrow to allow me to go in and configure the visible buttons. So I can't add AGX to your toolbar. I then went back to the vab, added an IR part to the ship. Went back to the vab, and the toolbar now appears (as IR has buttons it wanted to show)... Now there is a drop down button to allow me to configure the visuble buttons, so as to be able to add the AGX. So, the catch is, once you've added buttons to the tool bar (via the dropdown that allows you to configure the visible buttons). If none of the buttons that you've added happens to be relevant at that point in time, the toolbar doesn't appear at all, and hence you can no longer click the dropdown to configure the visible buttons, so as to add something else to the toolbar. In the version that I had running on .25, if there were no buttons to show, the toolbar would display that original button with the multicoloured boxes in it. A place holder if you wish, so that the bar would be there.
  13. Hi Blizzy, GREAT MOD by the way. Question. The toolbar mod doesn't show up until there is an applicable button to use in that scene. That's cool and totally makes sense. The catch, is if it doesn't show at all (not even the cute multi coloured blocks thing), how do I add a button (that would be relevant) in that scene? I expect there is a way, I just don't see it. Dave.