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  1. 170 East: 160 East: A strangely pointy mountain: More ugly Z-fighting at 150E: 140E: Easy roving this time, but not much to write about it.
  2. More Laythe problems: the Laythe jet balances out but the Laytheboat is just too unbalanced for the long transfer burn. Still, I've got time in hand since the Queen Agaster will have to visit Dres before it gets anywhere near Jool so can terminate, redesign, take the next transfer window in 72 days. It struck me that if the problem is that the jet is a heavy winged object that wants to hang off one side of its rocket, and the Laytheboat is a similar-weight wing-shaped object that wants to hang off one side of its rocket, sending them off separately was entirely pointless, and so this monstrosity was born: A kOS script written for the Laytheboat balances everything out; it doesn't touch LFO tanks, and the jet is slightly heavier than the boat and full of LF where the boat's pontoons are empty LF tanks, so it can do its job right from launch. After dropping the boosters and the first main stage we have this even more absurd contraption: Seriously, it's like a plane with the world's most ridiculous undercarriage. Eventually the nose and central engine will pop off when dry, leaving the two Laythe vehicles docked to the giant RCS tank which also has those four quad-LVNs and tanks on booms. This will also make for a bit of excitement when we get to Laythe since we'll have to lower Pe to dip into atmosphere, cut the Laytheboat loose, raise Pe again, see where the Laytheboat comes down (having an approximate idea of how much longitude it covers so it drops somewhere near land), and then lower Pe again to try and drop the jet somewhere nearby, making sure to get all the LF where it's needed after each part of the operation. Meanwhile, Ike, which started by... both ladders exploding unexpectedly when kerbals boarded: What the kerb? I'm planning to ditch this rover here since I have a replacement coming to Dres, but I guess I won't be dropping flags on Ike. I could suit-RCS out in Ike's gravity, but I'm lazy. 140 degrees West: 150 degrees West: 160 degrees West. Not much to write about these; the terrain is easy and Ike is small. 180 degrees West (what happened to 170? I don't know): And a shot of the rover, where I also have strange stuff going on with one of the crew portraits. Perhaps this rover is cursed and it's just as well I'm leaving it behind.
  3. The USI mod constellation includes Enriched Uranium and Depleted Uranium tanks, and even if you don't want to bring all that in, it's easy enough to swipe one or two parts from a mod. https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/192855-18x-111x-stockish-project-orion-v182-update-12292020/ includes some _great big_ ones, too. I would expect that the Uraninite->EnUr process enormously reduces the mass making bringing Uraninite horrendously mass-inefficient - as in "maybe bringing a spare reactor would be less mass-inefficient".
  4. Nor do KSPWheel (Kerbal Foundries) wheels - and, to be fair, this is one of the few respects in which the stock wheels behave as one might realistically expect. :-)
  5. Set off for Ike. I expected to have a tangle with the Laythe transfer windows, but Ike is really close to Duna and the whole business of taking off and getting over there could be easily accomplished in time. I did wonder if Duna's atmosphere would be a nuisance on takeoff, but I didn't try to get too fancy with ascent profile and up I went without trouble. I really needed a landing spot with Uranite if possible - the limiting factor on me producing Orion pulse units is not metallic ore, but uranium - and did a bit more work on the kOS landing script and with careful consideration of the ScanSAT map came down somewhere reasonable. The trouble with a good landing script on an airless world is, of course, you spend more of the descent thinking "oh kerb, light the engines, there's no time!". I'm even down in the daylight, so I could just set off, but I think the rover speed control script needs more work. (This is not entirely a joke about avoiding the actual roving; a problem on low-g worlds is braking when only your front wheels are touching the ground, which does tend to flip you. The script could detect if the rear wheels are off the ground and if so turn off the brakes no matter what.)
  6. What exactly did you do? (I suspect you changed the physwarp rate then tried to activate normal time acceleration...)
  7. With any engine at all you can only use physics warp while under acceleration. This mod does let you adjust the physics warp rates.
  8. https://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/bugs.html - most particularly, that the aim of bug reports is not minimalism, and "trouble getting this to work" tells us really extremely little.
  9. I use a relatively simple kOS script to dial down the last pulse in a maneuver then activate auxiliary LFO engines.
  10. I'm curious as to why the rover seems to be entirely made of sticky-out bits - is that constellation of landing legs intended to make it able to self-right from any position?
  11. I'm around Duna, which starts at https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/146923-elcano-iv-circumnavigate-all-the-things/page/2/#comment-4162386 It's late here so I literally braked to a stop and quit; Ike will have to wait.
  12. I resolved to try and rove into the "Western Canyon" biome I'd seen on the map. From the last screenshot at 75W there was some nasty Highlands terrain, and the bottom of the Midland Sea was pretty bad, but I got into it here and tried to just steer straight down it. Here I am much further down - zoomed out, the rover as a tiny blob, and showing the vast mountains the canyon is defined by. The canyon was smooth going. My track on the Scansat map is wiggly because I followed the canyon to its easternmost extent, then decided to continue to 45W before turning towards the Hangarmoth; here is that moment. Heading towards the Hangarmoth, and in smooth terrain for a change. The last flag on Duna at 30W. I'm pleased the KSC thought to supply us with this semi-infinite supply of flags. Once nice thing about the resupply mission that was necessary is that the Hangarmoth sticks up a long way because of the extra tanks being in this tower when the thing is landed. I'd seen it a bit before, but this shows it from a distance. And home! I have not checked the ISRU situation on the Hangarmoth, let alone loaded the rover up and set off for Ike - but I am done with Duna at last. Much smaller than Eve, but I've been distracted by other matters and it's taken a while. The Laythe vehicles are coming up to transfer out of Kerbin and I will have to make sure they hit those windows.
  13. I ploughed on through the night, or rather, spent about half the time driving and half the time rewriting the anti-overspeed kOS script (which handled the case where the desired maximum was more than the maximum drive speed so it just needed braking downhill well, but not slower roving at night; it took several iterations to reach a point where it wasn't alternately letting me go full throttle then braking to waste all the input energy). Flag at 120W: Could have sworn I hit screenshot as I got past 105W, but I've got nothing, so here's a flag at 90W: This puzzled me - was it a huge grey mountain? Does Kerbol look really weird because of some odd property of the Dunanian atmosphere? Oh, wait, it's Ike. 75W, and an impressive view in the sky. With only 50 degrees longitude to go, I should be home before dark. A pity to have set out the wrong way and done an unnecessary night roving leg, but I seem to have survived it.
  14. I found myself roving down this canyon. I resolved to rove on into the night, having spent some time rewriting the kOS speed control script, and being concerned about being able to go to Ike or have to recover to the QA to reset habitation timers. And now it's dark. Darker still, but by keeping the speed reasonable I can drive over these gentle dunes.
  15. I am still plugging away at Duna, I just got distracted by rewriting some of the kOS scripts.
  16. Dawn on Duna. I know these screenshots are mostly here to document progress but even so, this one is pretty boring, sorry. A flag, and an illustration of how the ScanSat BTDT provides a neat track on the map of where you've gone. I dipped into the Eastern Canyon for a bit until it strayed too far from the Equator, then had some tougher terrain in the Highlands. Here I am taking a big jump into, unfortunately, a region characterised by ugly Z-fighting. And finally past 180 degrees East... well past halfway, then, since I landed at 25 degrees West. However, I had a realisation that was obvious in retrospect. KSP's small worlds mean on many of them the dawn moves at a speed comparable to roving speeds. On Duna, it moves at almost exactly 30 m/s - travelling east means this about halves the roving day, whereas if I'd travelled west Kerbol might barely seem to move in the sky at all. This is the first time this has caught me since Moho barely spins at all and I took polar routes on Eve and Gilly. In the hope this is of interest to other circumnavigators I present the speed of dawn for Kerbol-system bodies. Note this is a bit imprecise for moons because it depends on the moon's position in its orbit about its parent body, and only for Moho have I bothered to distinguish sidereal and solar day. Moho: 0.6 m/s Eve: 55 m/s Gilly: 3 m/s Kerbin: 175 m/s Mun: 9 m/s Minmus: 9 m/s Duna: 31 m/s Ike: 12 m/s Dres: 25 m/s Laythe: 59 m/s Vall: 18 m/s Tylo: 18 m/s Bop: 0.8 m/s Pol: 0.3 m/s Eeloo: 68 m/s There's a whole range there from too slow to care about to too fast to keep up with, but it seems pretty clear in retrospect that the direction to set off in is West not East. Oh, well.
  17. Flag at 60 East: I regret my usual image presentation workflow broke down here. I stopped in the dark to drop a flag at 120E, then went to launch the Lathe recovery jet. This was slightly awkward since it involved a huge heavy sail on one side of the rocket. Basically, there's a tank with two LV-Ns on it which roughly balances out the jet and its two LV-Ns and smaller tanks. Of course as the fuel burns off there will come a point where the empty tank can't balance out the jet, but a) I think I have surplus dV and b) kOS can dial down one set of engines appropriately. The upper stage LFO engine is in the middle here (so you can't see it, sorry, bad picture-taking) but once it runs dry both it and the nose tanks pop off, leaving jet and ventral tank attached to a monoprop tank and reaction wheel.
  18. Thank you. I think my understanding of what version numbers go with what is still a bit limited, but armed with that I was able to know to try with a later Mono than my distribution supplies and build it OK. Fortunate since I neither have Visual Studio installed nor have any clue how to use it. ;-)
  19. I would like to build MechJeb. https://github.com/MuMech/MechJeb2/blob/dev/README.md#build provides compilation instructions for Linux and Windows. The Linux instructions seem impossible to use because the Makefile sets /langversion:8.0 and Mono only has partial C# 7.0 support, unless my understanding is limited. The Windows instructions - well, perhaps this is down to me not knowing enough about building things on Windows, but there doesn't actually seem to be a point in them where you _build_ anything. Step 3 seems just to be editing something - then what?
  20. Yes, only affecting play in 1.8-1.9 (which I believe the version you suggest is incompatible with; unless I made some kind of mistake I found the commit that fixed that issue and tried the corresponding release). That is why my post was just an FYI for anyone else in the same situation.
  21. Coo, your Laytheboat is more aerodynamic than mine. Launching it from Kerbin posed considerable difficulties. Mind you, it is built to sail in Scatterer waves.
  22. Commit def1487870e33081b4512dfac89150b259379960 does if (p.Modules.OfType<ModuleCargoPart>().Any()) { ScreenMessaging.ShowPriorityScreenMessage(CannotAddGroundSciencePartMsg); UISounds.PlayBipWrong(); return null; } My use case is being able to put anything in an inventory at all.
  23. I got a bit distracted by the question of absurdly fast boats and a way to do Gilly without leaving the ground, but here I am at the meridian. I'd shut down shortly after, since it was getting dark, and go to relaunch the Laytheboat. I did start roving a bit before sunrise, though, the terrain being so easy. Sunrise on Duna. 30 degrees East. 45 degrees East. I should at least rework the Laythe jet delivery vehicle before doing more roving.
  24. Oh, I know - I'm just wondering how fast I can get a boat to go with modded parts (which are no more magic than stock solar / rotors ;-) ETA: as far as I can see the answer is "not very" - these NTJs are heavy and unlike electrically powered propulsion the entire added mass is in one place which has to be above the waterline (I'm aware KSP will let the engine run quite happily while immersed but I might roll an eye at that); the resulting boat wants to nose into the waves about 70 km/h, and while I've experimented a bit with hydrofoil configurations my understanding of stock drag is nonexistent.
  25. Could one of you rotor-powered types estimate the thrust to mass ratio of your craft? I'm trying to work out if my nuclear thermal jet idea is at all feasible.
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